Its no longer considered a thing of hippies and tree huggers running around professing conservation. Our planet is in danger. Mother earth has been more brutalized by humans in the last 100 years than in our entire existence. It’s now or never to get your head out of the sand and create a change. Today I sit down with Groundswell International Co-Founder, Chris Saaco, a non-profit organization making every attempt to scale global farming change, one village at a time. This is about education, awareness, and action.

Groundswell International is a partnership of local civil society organizations, NGOs and people grounded in diverse contexts and experiences, to share a common approach to supporting social change.

Groundswell’s founders and partners have worked for decades to enable thousands of rural communities and organizations in many countries to sustainably improve their lives through better farming practices. Our global agricultural food system is broken and needs to transition to one that is more sustainable and beneficial to the world’s population and it’s health. This must happen in the face of the linked challenges of climate change, natural resource depletion, Corporate greed, and worldwide economic and social upheaval. Join Chris and I as we discuss:

  • Social change, and how groundswell plays a part in creating it’s structure
  • Improving third world villages, and how this effects us here in the U.S
  • Seed saving
  • GMO’s and the threat they harbor worldwide
  • New U.S. programs launching in 2015
  • Reconnecting with our food system
  • Top three tips on how you can create change NOW

The information provided in this podcast is below: