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Numerology and Your Home

Numerology has been around for over 11,000 years. To the naked eye numbers seem like simple arithmetic, but up close they are more than just numbers, they are a true science of precise mathematical equations and vibrations that surround us everyday. Our homes live and breathe numbers. Our house address, size of the home, it’s occupants even the mail we receive is organized through numbers.

 "Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is 
numbers. Shakuntala Devi."

Numerology is not fortune telling. Numerology is more like a numerical weather report that simply allows you to gain a better understanding of your personality traits, destiny and life path. Each individual has a set of unique numbers that they are born with, better known as their numerical blueprint.

"From the day and time we are born, we are surrounded by a pattern 
that is forever imprinted on us; just like a fingerprint"

“We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It’s the day I was born. My mother’s birthday, and a lot of my friends’ birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is also my wedding date.” Beyonce Knowles

Numbers define our destiny, personality, purpose, emotional state, and even with whom we are compatible with. Understanding the language of numbers and their vibrational patterns in combination with your blueprint, helps you to experience an exciting and fulfilling life in a mathematical way that you never knew existed!

We are chemically attracted to certain things around us because everything in the universe has a mathematical, vibrational equation. From your credit cards, phone numbers, drivers license, to the time of day and even electronics, these all have an equation that is precise to you – including your house address!

What does numerology have to do with your house? Everything!

  • Design by Numbers™ – Evaluating Your House Address $97

The goal of this report is to show you how to accelerate your ambitions and enhance areas in your life by examining your house address and how it relates to your personal birth numbers. This report includes a numerical blueprint to give you a greater understanding of numbers around you, their meaning and how they relate to you in your everyday environment. For example, if you are looking for love but live in a seven home, (the number for introspection, contemplative thought and focus), you will need to employ tools to boost your home to attract a partner.

  • Does your house address align with your current intentions and goals?
  • How your home numbers can boost your well being.
  • How you can align your home to lift the energy and boost your purpose.

The Design By Numbers™ report is an excellent tool to add to your feng shui consultation to boost your intentions! This report is designed to open your eyes to the specific vibrational pattern of the house numbers in your life and how they relate to you on an energetic level. $97

  • Private Phone Sessions $125

Conducted over the phone, this discussion will focus on your personal numerology as it pertains to you and the issue for which you’re currently needing support and guidance. Calls cover some of the following discussions based on your needs:

  • Core traits like life path, abilities, and motivations and how this relates to your home.
  • Possible karmic debts you may be working through.
  • Goals you are working on and how we can enhance your home to achieve them.
  • Does your Current Name energetically align with your purpose?
  • Does your house address align with your current intentions and goals?
  • How you relate to money and how your home can drive your intentions.
  • How you relate to spirit and how your home can boost your well being.
  • How you can align your home to lift the energy and boost your purpose.

Your report is based on your name as it appears on your birth certificate, and your current legal name, along with your date of birth. You will send your information via email prior to our call so I can review it and then we will discuss any life areas you want to address during the call. 45 min $125



“I just received my Numerology Soul Report Card by Amanda. All I can say is WOW! It was like she had looked into my soul and pulled out fragments of information throughout my life. Everything mentioned was incredibly spot on. Having solid proof of why I am here and what I am here to accomplish like: interior design, healing, teaching, animals and management all confirms that running my own business, Angel Chatter, is exactly where I need to be as a healer, teacher and lover of all things beautiful (interior design) while helping to empower many across the globe. One comment hit deep in my report card: ‘Learning to look within for wisdom and truth’ ~ now I understand why I encourage clients and customers to do the same while shying away from having a reading on my own! The crystals suggested are ones I’ve gravitated towards my entire life especially Tiger’s Eye. It does indeed boost my energy levels helping me to focus on my creative pursuits. I highly recommend getting this report for yourself, when you are ready to hear the truth and move forward with your brilliant life!” ~ Chris Alexandria Angel Chatter

Dear Amanda 🙂 WOW just WOW!!!! Thank You so much for this report it’s truly amazing 🙂 I can’t believe that you have gained so much insight about me by using just simple information and my birth date. It’s a real eye opener and spot on! I will be referring to this often believe me 🙂 totally inspirational. BEST WISHES Julie XX

Dear amanda I know I have been a pain in the back given the madness to my names… but you have come through for me in an amazing way and have explained to me what I found hard to understand or resonate with as it is completely my names that are at fault and everyone in my family that played a role in this mess. You are absolutely amazing in my numerology report and the presentation is absolutely georgous…makes u feel special and important. I’m glad I approached you as I did get stuck here and there and have cleared any issues i had. It was well worth having it done as I have learned plenty. Absolutely rate you 10/10 given i was a hard case :)))) Thank you with all my heart for explaining to me what i couldnt understand with much support and kindness.. I will definately come back and have my kids names done too… and dont worry.. they have not been changed or altered ! Thank you amanda ! Jenny tiwari as I’m known now haha! Much love and light From cyprus

SERIOUSLY…. WHOAAAAA! Me moody? nah – smirk despises injustice, and inequalities – hits the nail on the head! intuition? usually spot on – but I have a tendency to tune it out. Amazing Amanda, just amazing! Scott S.

Amanda’s Soul Report Card completely amazed me! The Strengths and Abilities section she wrote for my Birth Core/Tool Box practically tells the story of my life thus far. All of the artistic, creative and healing qualities that I’ve always held show up in that part of my reading. But I had no idea that I have so much opportunity and potential in the areas of finance and business success! It’s like I’ve missed out on nurturing an entire piece of my personality all these years. Now, with Amanda’s insight and guidance, I feel I’ve been given a gift to explore and develop that influential leadership side of myself that has been dormant for so long. Look out, world!   Additionally, Amanda’s recognition of my need for freedom and independence plus my life lesson of patience totally confirmed what I’ve been feeling BIG TIME for the past few years. It’s truly incredible how spot-on and deep her analysis is, right down to her suggestion that “no man is an island”. Wow, that hits the nail right on the head for me! Finally, Amanda’s suggestion that I use my middle initial as part of my full name has already made a huge difference for my business. Since changing everything to Pamela C Wills – including my website URL – I am attracting more followers and clients than ever before! Thanks so much for your incredible insights, Amanda!   — Pamela C Wills, Ringleader The Creative Revolution

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  1. Beth

    I spent a lot of time figuring out the “meanings” of numbers. As it turned out, a bad spirit was using these numbers as “bait” to try to get me on the hook. He tormented me until I asked Jesus for help. Bad spirits use numbers to try to get our attention–it seems harmless, but it leads to terrible things.


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