I just moved my company, Gates Interior Design into a new studio across town, and I wanted to take the opportunity to install LED lights where I could, especially since I love lighting and I love LED! In my old showroom I had approximately 70 cans installed. They made the showroom beautiful and warm, but the initial cost to do all of the bulbs in LED would have been well over three thousand dollars, and trying to select a few cans to put LED’s into seemed impossible to choose.

My new studio had zero lights installed when I moved in. Over the past week I have been getting all new lights installed, and this time around I am purchasing LED’s to replace my inefficient halogens. My bulbs were purchased from Home Depot:

LED Lighting-Is it Worth the Cost?

LED bulb

Is LED Lighting Worth the Cost?

LED bulb

The big question still remains, are they worth the investment? Heres my opinion on the new LED bulb:

[ VIDEO] – Amanda’s take on new LED bulbs

As I mentioned in the video, I purchased the bulbs from Home Depot. They were $39.99, on sale for $34.99. There is a big difference in the CRI (color index) of the LED bulb, compared to the halogen. The Halogen actually looks yellow, which in the past when compared to traditional lighting the halogens appeared crisp and white. Not any more! Big difference in the two and quality of light.

So what do you think? Are you ready to invest in the more expensive bulb? I have to admit that initial cost stings…..but if I have these bulbs ten years from now thats an investment that’s next to free!

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