In the last ten years there has been an unfortunate decline in luxury home goods. With so many home shows on T.V. and shelter magazines marketing to the DIY generation, a lot of crap has started ending up in our homes. Not to mention a lot of poor quality goods that are harming our health.

True well-being and uplifted Ch’i comes from a space that uplifts you and makes you feel amazing. Rushing out to fill your home with a bunch of meaningless stuff-stuff is not filling a home full of love. I shutter to think what our antique stores will look like in the future!

Another unfortunate casualty of poor quality is the lack of care put forth in the overall manufacturing process. Rather than items being built by hand with intention they are slammed together in a mass produced factory over seas where they live in your home for a few years and then end up in a land fill. In an effort to reboot this philosophy my team and I have really focused on getting back to basics when it comes to curating a home. We focus on buying beautiful, luxurious goods that are made well and made to last so you get a solid return on your investment and then some!

Why does it matter? In generations past they curated and collected their goods. Homes were built literally one piece at a time and curated over generations, not in one season. Good quality goods were often domestically made, hand crafted with care and love and built to last so future generations could enjoy them. My mom still has her waffle maker from the sixties. David’s mom has her original Pizzelle maker from the forties and refuses to buy a new one. Built with care and made to last unlike many many goods today that break in as little as a year.

How to bring ultimate luxury to your home

This is why I love professional interior design. It brings you custom, made-for-you options that no one else has and it expresses a beauty that is extraordinary. And lord have mercy does that give you exceptional Ch’i. Being surrounded by quality goods that are made well gives you a sense of pride and creates an experience of pure delight around the things you own. Plus every piece has a meaningful story.

I remember years ago when I got into the interior design industry it was all about luxury, custom goods for discerning clients. They understood what quality was and having a designer exemplified taste and status. It wasn’t a fast food commodity that many have started to view it as. This was about artistry and beauty that was one-of-a-kind. Too many spaces today are a homogenous, low budget mess.

The first designer I ever worked for eloquently described how each piece was hand made, could introduce you to the maker and she herself had such a sense of pride about the pieces she handcrafted for each client. In fact in those days clients would boast about what they paid for things. To them that expressed fine quality. Now people screech and say look at this piece of crap, I only paid…… {this much} Such a different world we live in today.

I should mention that I do understand the idea of a budget. And I understand that luxury is not for every one. However, when you take the time and care to invest in your homes beauty it rejuvenates you and her into an elevated Ch’i that no crap from TJ Maxx can achieve. So take the time to invest and curate your home. When you feel pride for your home and address and adorn her with beautiful things, that my friend is the start of beautiful feng shui.

Here’s a great place to start. While this won’t be for everyone,  Tribute goods emailed me about their beautiful vintage Herme’s pillows. Talk about extreme beauty. If you want to up level your homes style, invest in the things that matter. Having something like this in say your bedroom, instantly brings class and sophistication. Plus this is something you collect and don’t throw away. This is a piece you adore and keep for decades!

hermes pillows

My grandmother has Hermes scarves from the sixties that are to die for and she still wears them to this day. Did she balk at the $100 price tag back then? You bet she did! But the pain has quickly worn off as she now adores their lasting quality and beauty. Much the same people should view their furnishings and home decor.

Heres some of my favorites from Tribute Goods collection:



Tribute goods is a company out of Texas. I am not a sponsor, but I am a huge fan. Find more about them here.