In the last fifteen years there has been a slow yet rapid shift in the quality of products sold in the US. Everything from our clothes, furniture and even food has seen a decline. Furniture and accessories are all being sent over to China for production where every corner is cut to keep costs low. While I am a huge advocate of staying on budget, I think that this low cost trend has created an instant gratification of empty consumerism. Or as my business coach would say, “Shiny object syndrome.”

Our homes have gotten twice as big as they used to be compared to thirty years ago. Most homeowners today opt for smaller lots with a larger home that offer more square footage. Suddenly you went from a 500 foot apartment to spaciously living in 2800 square feet….but you only have six items to put in it. So in a mad dash to look “decorated” you rush out and buy “quantity” to fill it up, sacrificing quality and style.

How to avoid mistakes

In Design Strategies 101 (my decorating class), the FIRST thing I teach is style and inspiration. “IT” is the difference between a well appointed home, and looking like a TJMAXX store. Get it right and your home feels warm and inviting, collected and sacred. Get it wrong and it just feels like it has missed a step.

1) Make a plan

Build a plan

What ever that looks like for you…this (shown above) is me starting a plan for the Southern Living Show house. The goal is to get a direction to help you focus.

2) Build a budget


Once you know WHAT you want to do, you have to figure out what you are willing to spend to get it. More importantly, what are you willing to spend OVER TIME? Give yourself a goal that is reasonable. Maybe it is one year…maybe it is five. This will help you really appreciate the space and stay on track with your style.

3) What are the three words…

What are three words that describe your new space? Does that new tchotchke or chair fit into that description of how you want your home to look and feel

4) Do you love it?

Are you buying the item or buying the price? Do you LOVE it? Better yet, would you pay full price for the item? If you answered no, then the item does not fit into your style.

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