Many people think that the things in our lives like our homes, our jobs, our relationships, even our exercise practice, etc. are separate, that they are their own entity. And the busier we get the more we separate things and try to compartmentalize all the little details. But this leads to a disconnected life because everything is connected by energy. I often hear people say they crave for something more or feel something is missing, but they can’t put their fingers on it. This yearning is often our souls way of guiding us to the things that align with who we are and what we are connected to.

Over the weekend David and I put the labor in Labor Day. Not just because we wanted to update a few things in our home, but more importantly, I wanted to care for our home. Our homes are intrinsic to who we are and what we put out into the world. They protect us, care for us and nurture us. Something that I say often to my clients and those close to me, you must “Love On Your House.”


Our homes are filled with energy. Every single thing in your home, down to the fork you put in your mouth holds energy. It holds energy from the people who live there, those who visit, even the people who used to live there or built the home. And negative energy can linger for months especially if you feed it. Here’s an example, I have a client who purchased a smaller home once her kids moved out. Downsizing seemed like an incredible opportunity to travel more and stress less. What she didn’t know was the house was victim to a nasty divorce. Literally the space was divided in half while the two lived there; arguing, projecting, judging, screaming, the house witnessed it all. Without knowing, Molly moved right in and couldn’t figure out why she kept falling ill, kept getting sore throats and had headaches constantly.

Without realizing it she started hating her house. She spoke harshly towards it. She hated the cabinets, the doors were cheap, the garden had terrible soil and the list went on and on. She was feeding the bad energy. It can be hard to reverse this pattern, but not impossible. In order for your home to protect you, care for you and nurture you, you must do the same in return.

Cleanse your home. Cleanse your home before you move in, cleanse when you learn of bad news, have an argument, experience a death or any other traumatic event. I also suggest you cleanse after guests have been in your home. Cleansing not only removes unwanted energy but can also be done as a ceremonial event. Capture celebration, love and great happiness by honoring exciting events that take place in your home.

Talk lovingly to your home, care for it as it cares for you and let it know that you appreciate all that it offers. Hold a heart of gratitude and you will be amazed at how it loves you back.

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