mantel decorations

Its officially here. Once you get past standing in line for a discounted TV, and grabbing a free toaster, today marks the season of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or what ever your holiday preference is. But with the holidays comes a very important ingredient: decorating! Is your mantel ready?

I think a lot of people stress about the holidays. Luckily there are only three major places that need decorations: The table, the tree and the mantel. Bonus points for doing the stairs and the front porch.

mantel decorating

With only four weeks until the big day if you haven’t got a clue what to do, rest assured, Im here to save the mantel decorating conundrum!

  • Greenery – Garlands on the mantel are a must. The real stuff: cedar, pine, juniper, firs are always a good choice, but if that’s not an option, a good quality one like this is always a great choice. Plus it has everything a decorated mantel needs: Garland, pine cones, lights and holly.
  • Bows – Bows are a must as well! They are a traditional element that softens a mantel and brings the sweetness of the holidays. Choose a traditional option like this one from bags and bows. They are a kick ass company Ive been using for years and they never disappoint.
  • Candles – Candles add sparkle and create a magical atmosphere. You can create a symmetrical layout with candles on either end in hurricanes or you can place them throughout the mantel in votive holders. I love candles from domino. A good trick is to also combine different heights of candles or buy them in colorful glass jars for interest. Don’t want to have flames? Use beautiful mercury glass to add shine and interest.
  • Add fruit – Dried slices of oranges, lemons or even grapefruit slices add a warmth and natural character to your mantel and as an added bonus, it adds fragrance!
  • Personal touches – Add things that have meaning to you. Family mementos, chalkboards with family names, Holiday decorations like trees, whimsical ornaments, or ones that introduce your new love.

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