Today I did a kick ass class at the library about how to change the energy of your home. When it comes to our homes, the energy is either good or bad, it’s that simple. One question I get a lot is, how do I know if the energy is good or bad? The most important rule of thumb is to look at your surroundings and pay attention to how you feel.

Often times people will express lackluster feelings about a particular area of their life, or will feel stuck. This is a great indicator that the energy is also stuck. This can show up as stagnant opportunities or no opportunities at all.

So how do you fix it?

3 Takeaways To Change The Energy Of Your Home

 3 Takeaways To Change The Energy Of Your Home

In today’s class we went over 10 ways to change the energy of your home to give it killer rad vibes. You know what I’m talking about, vibes that are so yummy you can’t help but create, produce and love in the most powerful ways. To really start manifesting the best energies, what we practitioners call Ch’i, you have to start at the most important spot in the home, the front door. This is better known as the mouth of Ch’i where it all begins, or ends.

If that delicious vibrant Ch’i can’t even make it into the house, you’ve got problems. To gain better balance, and harmony in your everyday life you need to get things moving, cleaned up and revved up. Here’s 3 quick tips to get you started:

  • Take notice of your entrance. Does it have curb appeal, are you impressed? Or is it kinda “meh”?
  • Is your entrance easy to find? For example, if you have a side door, this means you could be hiding from the world which could hinder the flow of Ch’i from entering into your life
  • Keep your entrance neat, tidy and remove ALL the clutter.

According to feng shui principles, Ch’i is life force energy. And guess what? Good or bad, it shows up in your home and reflects on your career, relationships, wealth, family, health and so on.

Which one do you want knocking?

So, if you want the good vibes in your home, look to your entrance and start having a Feng Shui state of mind to get the stuff flowing to you.

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