It’s funny, through the powers of social media I have made so many incredible friends over the years. One such friend is Interior Designer, Carla Aston. Her designs are high-style neo-traditional, mixed with an incredible eye for texture. And one thing I’m most envious of is her ability to mix neutrals. She nails it every time! Maybe it’s my love of color, or my fear of white, but no one does it better than Carla.

designed dining room with Carla Aston


Designed with Interior Designer Carla Aston

Having been in the design world for many years, one thing that sets her apart is her ability to really understand what the client needs. She can surpass the mistakes that homeowners often make on their own, and take them to a place of true design serendipity that they could never achieve on their own. In addition to being an amazing designer stateside, Carla also lived in Australia and Norway, which in my opinion, influenced her clean aesthetic. I think it’s also safe to say she has a great eye for accessories which I know many of you struggle with! I get emails all the time regarding those finishing touches because most people know how to do the big stuff well, but when it comes to what we call the “smalls” many of my clients panic because they get scared to do it wrong.

designed with Carla Aston

One thing I think you’ll come to love about Miss Carla is not only her love for design, but her generosity to let you see behind the curtain. On her blog she shares all the good, bad and even the ugly. She gives excellent advice, shares great tips and divulges insider secrets that most designers would never share. And if you want to know how to nail a new construction project or a big ass remodel, Carla is your gal. SO be sure to check out her insightful blog!

carla aston

Today Carla and I sit down to talk shop about all things designed:

  • Design style and what that is to her
  • What inspires great design
  • Design school and why it’s important
  • Living over seas
  • The business of design
  • Carla’s favorite part of the design project
  • Interior Design trends
  • Interior Design and blogging
  • Why marketing is so important to a designer
  • And the one thing that makes you look like a DIY amateur

Find out more about Carla and her firm here.

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