A few weeks ago I attended the High Point furniture market. As I’ve mentioned before, this fashion week to the interior designer. I typically go for my own projects, however this trip I was selected by Esteem Media to cover the Design Bloggers Tour, where sixteen showrooms sponsored 10 of us to check out what their line has to offer to the interior design world.

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For three days the ten of us got front row seats to view manufacturers who showcased the best the industry has to offer. These front row seats gave us direct access to the people behind the brand. And putting faces to the brand helps to better understand their drive to put out the best product for you the consumer. That part is really cool. And it’s also fun to share with you, my readers!

But if you want to get to the nitty gritty, let’s talk about upholstery and designer accessories. Where do you go? What do you look for? How on earth do you find the good stuff? Here’s my

Guide to designer upholstery and accessories from the design bloggers tour:

Guide to designer upholstery and accessories


  1. Norwalk furniture– Shut the front door! Have you seen them lately? Completely fashion forward, colorful and on trend more than ever before. Plus they have a terrific mid century line that will blow your socks off. The best part? They are made in America and have a killer deal with Crypton fabrics – which means you get style, beauty and kick ass durability. No matter what the kids, pets, family or friends bring to it, it’ll stand up to anything. Love that!


Guide to designer upholstery and accessories

Guide to designer upholstery and accessories


2) Sauder – If you have a kid going to college, this is a line you need to know. Or if you are decorating your first apartment, this line has incredible value, with a look you’ll love. Plus they’ve recently been featured in Elle decor for their innovative designs at an incredible price point.




3) Huntington House – this is an incredible line. If you are looking for yet another great upholstery line, this is one to put on your radar. Great lines, high style and fabulous comfort! And if you are needing something that has a look for everything, like everything from soho loft to cabin in the woods, this is your line. With an array of really great fabric choices, without a doubt you are bound to find several things you love from this line. Incredible!



Look at the beautiful, slight curve in this sofa. Isn’t it gorgeous? This is what I’m talking about when I say sex appeal. Every room should have it – those little details that spice things up and give your room that unexpected wow factor.


4) Rowe – One of my favorite upholstery lines, that I love so much, I even have it in my own home! I first discovered Rowe in 2004 when I was buying  upholstery for my clients at a local place called Storehouse. Remember those? What a great furniture store they were. Fast forward to 2008 when I opened my own store and Rowe was the first upholstery company I contacted. They are hands down one of the most vivacious upholstery lines for their value. Their fabrics set them apart along with their value. Now they don’t offer COM, which means you can’t use your own fabric, but they have such a large array of choices you’re bound to find a collection that will work. Their upholstery is comfortable, well made, and durable.




5) Theodore Alexander – Yet another amazing upholstery and casegood line. This is one I haven’t used before. I know many designers who have used their line and loved it, but they hadn’t been on my radar. Boy was I amazed at how pretty their showroom was. So many gorgeous things, and amazing designer lines, like Jaime Drake. OMG! Jaime Drake!!! Their line is fresh, modern and has a total California vibe – which this California girl loved! Plus they had the BEST parties in Highpoint!






6) Hobbs Design Germany – Another line I had not heard of but really cool for the person who loves wine! They take wine boxes from the most prestigious wine vineyards in France and create beautiful works of art for you home. Kitchen islands, credenzas and of course full wall bars. I could totally see using this in an industrial space or commercial space, but if you have a wine lover in your family how cool would this be as a wedding gift, or even a benchmark anniversary or birthday gift?




Suffice it to say, we had a great time together. The bloggers tour was super fun and I’m so glad I was invited along. Having the opportunity to see all these amazing lines and meet the people behind the brand was really cool. Plus I love sharing with all of you. Despite the fact that so much is on the internet, it can still be challenging to really find what your looking for – especially neat stuff that is unique and custom.