A few weeks ago I started the apartment therapy series for readers who live in small, temporary spaces. Often, people who live in temporary spaces think they cannot have beautiful spaces. We all know my theory on this. Living in life cycles rather than a lifestyle takes it’s toll mentally, physically and emotionally. Coming home to a beautiful space gives you a sense of pride and a great welcome home.

After I finished up Mrs M’s bedroom we started on the living room. Her space was well on it’s way, however she made a few common mistakes and like most clients she panic’d when it came to the accessories. Most of my clients have incredible vision with the over all look they want, and can get as far as the furniture but then stop dead in their tracks when it comes to accessories.

1) The overall space

The room

While Mrs M is well on her way, there are several things wrong with this room. Her main living area has 22 foot ceilings. Scale is critical here. From my assessment the art is too high, lamps too small and the pillows just not right. Another issue, the room does not have enough seating.

My assessment

She also has no cocktail table so in an effort to give her something to place a drink on, I will find easy to use, easy to move around pieces with a pop to add some life to this room.

2) The main wall

Th focal wall

The main wall, or as I call it the “A” wall, in this room is a huge focal point. It is the main wall you see when you walk into the apartment. With some tricks up my sleeve this can be an incredible space for inspiration and drama! But first, lets look at what my designer eye sees that need some fixing!

The chair is way to big and heavy to be on that side of the TV cabinet. The TV needs to move closer to the middle of the room, and we need to take advantage of that enormous wall!

The “A” wall

Want to know what I would do? Tune in next week when I reveal the overall plan and design concept to get this room into serious dramatic shape!

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