So last week I shared my plans for Mrs M’s bedroom and just like those fancy super stars on TV, I have done the entire space in a week…well not exactly. They tend to do it in 30 minutes and I have yet to find that kool aid, but I actually met with Mrs M a few weeks ago and just never got the post up! So we started out with this:

Before bedroom


And the plan was this:



Scale was critical to the overall look in this room. With high ceilings, and a tall bed, using an amateur eye to purchase furnishings could have been costly. Everything placed in this room is extraordinarily large and tall. (the nightstands are 48″ tall!!) However, when used in the right context, everything is to scale and in harmony with the room. If normal sized furniture had been used the look would have been a disaster. Using these large pieces of furniture in a small room would be a disaster, but in this room, its perfect. Nothing seems out of place….other than the cable outlet falling out of the wall in the above picture! 🙂

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