Every year I invest in holiday goodies from companies like Red Envelope, Wolferman’s and Sherri’s Berries. This year I opted for something a little more Southern, and went for homemade. I decided to set aside an entire day to make my goodies, which was a huge commitment for me since this is a very busy time of year. I set out with the idea of doing three items per bag…..I ended up with two as one failed miserably! My plan:

1) Candies nuts

Candied Walnuts

Candied Nuts

Candied nuts are delicious. They are terrific on their own and even better paired with salads or gourmet meals. They are easy to prepare and make beautiful holiday gifts. Just be prepared to spend a little money. Nuts are expensive so check your local stores to see who has them on sale.

Gates Interior Design homemade holiday

I also successfully made fudge. I basically found a recipe I liked and then made it my own. I wrapped about 10 pieces each into wax paper and then wrapped them with fabric scraps. Very cute and I loved that they were all irregular….very homemade! I ended up with about 7 packages like this one shown above and it tasted delicious!

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