Just when I think I am an individual with all these killer, unique features, I go and do something that is status quo – like make a new years resolution to get fit and stay healthy. I do it every year. Back in December I talked with naturopath Lori Jacobs on getting healthy the holistic way, and I learned that 45% of us make a resolution to get healthy. Out of that 45%, only 8% of us actually succeed. Yikes! You’d think with all this technology a better solution would exist. So why can’t we get fit, stay motivated and see more results? SO glad you asked, because these seven apps will help you get there faster!

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 7 Secrets to get fit, and stay healthy –  plus see results!

Here is a list of my favorite apps to help you get in shape, keep you motivated and hopefully get you in the best shape of your life, just before bikini season. Boom!

1) Pilates Anytime


Pilates Anytime. Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN #Fitness


I have never used this app but Ive heard from many gals in my yoga class that they love it. They all say it’s easy to follow, easy to use and great for days when you want a quick workout at home thats not high intensity. Pilates Anytime.

2) Boot Camp Challenge


bootcamp challenge app. Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN. #Fitness


If your looking for something to kick you ass into gear at home, then this is the app for you. If you’ve ever signed up for a bootcamp class or a bootcamp gym, you know how expensive they can be. This app easily loads to your phone or iPad and costs you hundreds less. Plus you can stay in your PJs. App offers tons of demos, and tons of cool features like adding your own music. I find this app fun to use and it keeps me motivated. Boot Camp Challenge

3) Barre 3


barre 3 fitness app. Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN. #Fitness

I may be a little biased, but this may be one of THE best fitness apps on the market.. The Barre 3 brand is awesome anyways, but their app takes our fitness goals to a whole other level by adding total health and wellness into the mix. You can easily create grocery lists for healthy meals at the click of the button. Plus it integrates with their website nicely. If you are looking for something to help you get fit with your hectic lifestyle, then definitely check this app out! Barre 3

4) Nexercise


Nexercise app.. Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN. #Fitness

This app is totally fun and makes you actually look forward to working out. Whether you run a marathon, play with the kids, or just push a vacuum, this app rewards you for your efforts! This is basically a gamification app that allows you to enter for prizes, and get rewards from retailers so that you stay motivated to get fit – like dangling a tasty carrot in front of you! Nexercise

5) Fleetly


Fleetly fitness app. Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN. #Fitness


This is an all around good app but I would definitely categorize it as motivator. It has all kinds of nifty little features that make you feel like you are really accomplishing something. I haven’t delved completely into this app, but so far I am really liking it and think it’s one to consider. Fleetly

6) Pocket Yoga


pocket yoga.  Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN. #Fitness

Im a huge fan of yoga and have been doing it for years, but I am not a fan of trying to do it on my own at home. I also hate trying to do yoga on my own why I travel. This is a great app for beginners or advanced yogis. You can select your level, and it has over 200 illustrations of the poses, along with voice instructions. Great for traveling! Pocket Yoga

7) Daily Burn


daily burn fitness app.  Gates Interior Design, Franklin TN. #Fitness


Daily burn was just rated one of the top apps to buy in iTunes. If you’ve ever done HIIT work outs at home, then this app is for you. Super easy to use, great demos and tons of fun and easy features. The best part? Your ass will be sore tomorrow! Daily Burn


There you have it, my top seven apps to get your ass in tip top shape for summer. I will admit, it’s hard to take fitness serious when you have to wear fourteen layers just to go outside. Riding a bike is next to impossible this time of year. But remember the goal is to look good in clothes, and naked! And I apologize for all you android users – but at this point I am assuming that everyone has some sort of apple product in their home. It’s like world domination, one digital product at a time! But I did write this article about cool fitness apps for the windows HTC.



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