One resolution that many people make for the new year is fitness. Setting goals to eat right, stay in shape and simply be healthy. But how does one keep such lofty goals when SuperBowl Sunday hits you upside the head with delicious wings, pizza and 47 layer dips that are irresistible?

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One of the best tools to keep you on track is your smart phone. With so many terrific apps on the market, these fitness tools help you see your activity and keep you accountable. Perhaps even make you feel a little guilty when you can see that yesterday was a little better than your activity was today. Here are my top 4 favorite apps:

1) My fitness pal.

My fitness pal

Probably my most favorite app of all. This one allows you to enter in your daily activity and track the calorie consumption. It almost makes each day fun to see if you can hit your goals and not go over in the sodium or sugar area….but I always do! Harumph! But it’s all about awareness.

2) Gym Pocket Guide

I’ve been working out my entire adult life. Gym equipment can sometimes be intimidating and confusing to use, especially when you are at the gym with professionals who look like they never leave the building. This app shows various equipment and gives you fat cutting, muscle building tips while allowing you to track your own progress. Win-win!

3) Fit bit

I’ve only been using this app for the past month. The best feature of this app is the sleep tracking activity and it shows more detailed activity than my fitness pal. I have found that the two togehter compliment each other well and really help keep me on track.

4) Run Keeper

This is a great app for runners. It helps you not only track your activities but it measures calories and overall distance traveled over time. The interface is easy to use like the other apps but is specifically geared towards the runner. It helps you analyze and monitor your activities in an easy to use platform. Great in combination with the other apps.

What are some of your favorite workout/fitness aps?

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