I must admit, I am not always the best at putting myself first. Not only was I born on the 6th, which resonates to compassion, service and responsibility, but my ruling planet is Venus. In more ways than one I am a nurturer. I love beautiful things, and I love to take care of others. In addition to having many 6’s in my numerology birth chart I’m also heavy on the number 9. The number embodies compassion and a humanitarian heart. Attuned to the fact that we are all one, the number 9 is by nature a philanthropist, a catalyst for love and a compassionate teacher of unconditional love. To say that I embody the trifecta of giving to others would be an understatement. Giving to others is literally in my DNA.

In fact the four most important numbers in my numerological blueprint are both 6 and 9, but even I know that to be a leader in compassion for all who need it, I must take care of myself. As I have grown older my constitution of altruism, being non-judgmental and loving are a foundational thread to who we are as a brand, but to be accepting of all requires great responsibility. It requires that my entire team, including me, take care of ourselves in the most unlimited ways so that we have the power to give back to those around us.

Everything we do in this office requires great care. To the stones we bless and ship out, to the homes we enter and adorn, in order for our Feng Shui design practice to operate at an optimal level we must stay imaginative, optimistic, discerning and generous; and that requires lots of self care.

5 easy self-love rituals that celebrate you

In an effort to make this year our best year my team and I have taken on the challenge to give back in big ways. But up first, we must give to ourselves and refuel our hearts and souls to power-up in order to get to that next level! Here we have come face to face with our greatest challenge of all, generosity and kindness to ourselves. Self rituals of indulgence can feel decadent and lead you down a road of guilt, so remember in order to give to those who matter most you too need to power up to give in unimaginable ways!

5 self-love rituals to celebrate you

  • Salt bath – simple enough, right? Fill up the tub with your favorite salts, (Osmia Recovery from Follain is one of our favorites!) grab a glass of vino and sink into relaxation.

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  • Meditation – This has recently become quite the buzz word so it may seem hard to jump on this bandwagon. I get that you may want to avoid this, however, as a culture we thrive on the finish line, the results, the “what’s in it for me.” Instead of racing through the good stuff, meditation is one of the greatest tools to help you get clear on YOU. If you’re an Esther Hicks fan, meditation helps you get clear on your lions. What is that? Through Esther’s recent channels of Abraham she shares that it’s not about the end manifestation, it’s about the energy you put forth, consistently into the things you really want that truly brings satisfaction. So what will you do today to manifest your lions?


  • Music – Playing classical music is one of the best things you can do for you and your home. Music elevates us on a vibrational level and makes us feel good. Not a fan of classical? Play something you love, wether it’s rhythm and blues, metal or country, there’s no denying that feeling when your favorite song comes on. It instantly lifts your mood. When you can feel happy and uplifted that’s a good place to be.
  • Walking – yet another simple thing you can do for yourself. Walking is one of the best therapeutic tools to reconnect and feel centered. Nature rejuvenates us and makes us feel good. So get outside and hug a tree!
  • Create an altar -creating an intentional space just for you is a great way to ground your thoughts from meditation. If there’s something you really want to attract or truly desire, an altar is a great tool to eliminate negative energy, ground your thoughts, uplift your spirits and help your energy stay pure.

No matter what at the end of the day you have to take care of you. Trust me I know it can be hard. Combine my 6 and 9 combination with my dominant Feng Shui wood element and I tend to do things until I collapse. But don’t worry I’ll suffocate you with love before I crash. All jokes aside, in order to give you must get. So make a conscious effort this year to indulge in the little things that give back to you.

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