Numerology Glossary


Blueprint – The overall make up of who we are as reflected in our names, numbers and life path.

Challenge Number – We are given four challenge numbers in our life time. They are unique numbers given to us during specific life cycles that represent situations, or circumstances in our environment that are presented to help us prepare for greater opportunity, and strengthen our abilities

Cornerstone – The first letter in our first name represents our cornerstone. It shows the strongest character or essence of your name. Also represents your approach to money.

Frequency – Energy levels projected. Love energy is a high frequency, hate, anger, fear is low frequency.

Holistic – All natural healing that includes mind, body, and spirit.

Karma – Karma is sanskrit meaning the sum of your actions. Karma refers to your past life actions which, if negative, is carried over into new incarnations to balance the scales.

Karmic debt – There are four numbers in numerology that refer to a debt that must be balanced from a previous carnation. The numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19 are referred to as debts and given to souls who will be challenged to face that karma to correct it.

Karmic/Life lessons – What we are here to learn to grow as a soul.

Lifepath – Considered your destiny number,  this defines your intellect and our greatest lesson to learn in order to move forward in your next phase of existence.

Master Number – Double-digit numbers of 11, 22 and 33. These three sets of numbers have the power to create and boost you in a more powerful way if you have them in your blueprint. They are the only numbers that are never reduced.

Personal Year – Personal year numbers are determined by our personal blueprint. Each of us experiences 9 year cycles, and each year represents it’s own vibrational quality. Personal year numbers let us see patterns and help us understand the potential for events and situations ahead.

Pinnacle – Opportunities brought to you at specific life cycles based on your blueprint numbers. See this as advancing to the next level with tools. For example, if you’ve been living in a challenge number 4, the number of stability and restriction, and your next pinnacle is 8, you will experience growth and financial gain. Everyones pinnacles are unique and different based on their blueprint.


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