Its no surprise, I love pink. Always have. In fact it has been the core color of my wardrobe for over 10 years. Early on my mother told me I would tire of it, or rather grow out of it….but I still love pink. The value or intensity does change over the years, but the color never does.


I even convinced Lori Sawaya of Colorpodz to devote an entire podcast to the subject. Pink is often associated with women. Considered a feminine color, or more so for girls, it is quickly overlooked for more saturated hues. But pink can quickly update a room, add some sass and instantly make it look fresh. Here are my top tips on how you can add some much needed pink to your decor for spot on sophistication.

1) Pillows

Have a small nook or corner? Maybe a space that is lackluster? Add art with pops of pink. It will liven up that space instantly like this Michelle Armas piece above.

2) Paint



There is nothing like the power of paint. So simple and yet so decorative. Use it in new ways. Create stripes or put a stunning shade on the ceiling for a delightful surprise.

4) Accent

Above is a current project I am working on. Fabrics in soft cream, mushroom and various shades of blue. A color palette that most would consider not compatible with pink. But like all my interiors, I found a way to incorporate it in. The accent fabric has two shades of pink in it. This will be a wonderful chair in the home that will add surprise and unexpected appeal, making this interior super fun!


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