Planning a party can be stressful, especially if you aren’t prepared. Many hosts take it upon themselves to over do it, (shooting for Martha Stewart perfection) and that results in unnecessary stress with three days worth of recovery. Yuck!

Parties are meant to be festive and FUN! Instead of wearing yourself out, put together a loose plan (or as I like to do: Shoot from the hip) and stop aiming for perfection. Most guests like a little structure, but when things go wrong or not at all, just run with it…..besides those are often the best parties! The point is getting together, and enjoying each others company – not freaking out that the plate of deviled eggs didn’t come out right.

Here’s how to plan the perfect party!

perfect party

1) Why are you having a party?

Typically there is a reason for the party. Choose a theme or main entree and plan the festivities and dishes around it. For instance, maybe there is a birthday party coming up. Decide a theme based on the person, age, time of year and how many you think will attend. That can be more than enough to kick off the direction of your party.

2) Keep it Simple

Choose recipes that are easy to prepare, or already prepared from the store. It is also helpful to choose recipes that can be made one or two days before the event, like these cucumber feta rolls. All the ingredients can be pre-made ahead of time and then assembled the day of the event. Easy to make, beautiful color, and super delicious.

3) Consider eye appeal

Colorful foods, such as red or orange vegetables, add instant eye appeal to your party. They can also coordinate with the festivities! Remember parties are more about the EXPERIENCE, so make it memorable with fun decor, good scents, and colorful food.

4) Prepare a list

Create a list of everything you will need and buy 4-7 days before the event. Try to have at least three to five small bites, and offer tea, water, wine and if the festivities call for it, Champagne! Tea and water are simple, and water can be infused with citrus, and cucumbers to delight the taste buds. (Also steps up your game and makes your event look fancy) Having a plan saves you from the added stress of having to make last-minute dashes to the store.

5) Find ways to Add Charm

Find small ways to add charm to your event. For example, use mason jars in new ways, offer straws with bottled soda, use mismatched china from the flea market…whatever it is, use it to add to your party’s excitement!

What are some of your favorite party tricks?

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