When I flew down to Baton Rouge to stay with my good friend, and interior designer, Rachel Cannon I knew we’d be in for a good time. A few days before I came down she texted me, “Hey girl you gonna shui my house? I’m so afraid you’re going to tell me to move my sofa and shift my dining table. haha” First and foremost, I was shocked that she asked for my help. I didn’t think she was open to this energy stuff. I had a preconceived notion that her Christian faith wasn’t even considering this energy stuff as an option, so I was so excited! But it brought to mind the biggest misconception around Feng Shui: that it involves moving furniture to get a result.

When I arrived and I didn’t move her furniture she was shocked. “Wait, if you’re not going to move my furniture what are we going to do?” she asked. “We’re going to read the energy in your floor plan to see what’s showing up in your life, get a better understanding of how the energy is currently flowing, and then shift it so your life shifts in dramatic ways and you start attracting circumstances you really want.” I said.

She and I stayed up into the wee hours talking about the depths of Feng Shui and it’s interpretations. When I read her floor plan she couldn’t believe what I was able to see. In fact, several months later I had her on the podcast and she confessed that I knew things about her that she had never even told to me. You can hear that podcast here.

To my delight she invited me on her radio show, Saturday Style, and we got to talk about Feng Shui basics, misconceptions and what to look for to get your Feng Shui right. Plus, I did a floor plan reading on the show. Listen to the audio below to hear more:

In addition if you’re absolutely new to Feng Shui and really aren’t sure what it’s about, be sure to check out this video. I think it will help you dip your toe into the basics and get familiar with what it is and why it matters!