A few weeks ago I received a note from a listener of the Home Energy Design show by the name of Giovanna. She went on to explain how much she enjoyed the show but as a Feng Shui student she was getting very discouraged about how I referred to Feng Shui as “Woo Woo Hippie Shit”. In her opinion I was bringing down the collective on something quite beautiful.

In her own words, “ The first few times I heard that I thought it was funny, and I see what you mean. Honestly I never saw Feng Shui as woo woo. I always saw it as a Chinese philosophy that sometimes doesn’t make much sense to someone who knows nothing about it, but never hippie shit. But listening to you repeat that sentence again and again kind of discourages me. Please let me know your take on this…”

First, I’d like to thank Giovanna for sending in this email. I think this is a very important topic and it’s a conversation we all need to be discussing. But one thing that sets Giovanna and me apart is that she is a student just starting out in this world of Feng Shui. I got started in the 90’s and over the past twenty years I’ve been called everything from a soothsayer to a witch, a sorcerer to an occultist. Funny, considering that Feng Shui practitioners in China are considered doctors of the environment.

Over the years I have seen and felt a lot of heat for my belief that energy exists within our homes. In fact, my own ex husband didn’t believe in Feng Shui, so for years I practiced in secret. In his eyes I was a witch practicing witchcraft.

And that’s why I invited Rachel Cannon on the show. She and I have been friends for several years and she has been a Christian her whole life.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge her Christian faith is everything. In fact, it’s because of her that I learned about the mustard seed of faith – which you’ll hear me speak about a lot on the show. Thanks Rachel! If you don’t have a mustard seed of faith it will squash the likelihood of achieving miracles. And, ummmm, who doesn’t want miracles?

Due to the importance of Rachel’s faith she made me realize that Christianity and Feng Shui are very similar, they simply have a different name. Many of the ceremonial rituals I do for my clients are what she does in her faith. Wait, whaaaaat? Yep. She assumed I was coming down to Baton Rouge to move her furniture, and she was shocked to learn that we would be using faith and prayer to heal her home. Faith y’all, not moving furniture or telling you to pick up your stuff. 

“If you can?” said Jesus. “Anything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23

Together we went through her home and while I held my mudras and chanted, she held her hands together and prayed. It was beautiful. And rather than a mustard seed of faith her heart was wide open and miracles started flooding her life in unimaginable ways. Like, holy shit is this for real kinda ways!

So will Feng Shui go against your faith? I suppose it depends on what your faith is. If you have faith in magic and miracles, hope and love I’m going to assume you’re open to Feng Shui. It’s my belief that Henry Ford had it right when he said:\

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” Henry Ford

Between these two podcasts you’ll discover the perception of what people think Feng Shui is and in reality what it can become if you just open your heart to a mustard seed of faith.


Mustard See of Faith

Tobi FairleyPodcast #20

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Chanting and praying with the same intention.

Regular practice  helps to keep your faith up.

Joyce Meyer


Co-Dependent No More

Control is an illusion.  Letting go is real.

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