Weddings are an amazing thing, aren’t they? They can be one of the most joyous times in a couple’s life. People set aside their differences and come together to celebrate the most coveted emotion known as love. And if there were one event that I’d like to put in a bottle and give to a couple, it’s the celebration and excitement that surrounds a wedding.

The top wedding accessories |


Nothing captures as much joy and happiness. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to spread through out your home like pixie dust? Especially during those times when you feel dispirited or uninspired? Or how about nervous and anxious?

I can’t believe it is already June, and that only means one thing for most Americans – it’s wedding season! So I’ve put together a small list of must have’s to capture the day in style. And of course, a little fun. So let’s celebrate the season of love and immense joy! I DO!


The top wedding accessories |

Blushing Bride Clutch | Instagram Card | Man’s Wedding Band | Womans Harmony | Diamond Ring | VS lingerie | Wedding bobby pins | Wedding Shoes | Humans getting married sign

Amy Wray of Mod City Mag and I share posts each month to broaden our audience and divulge in all the things we love. Love hasn’t been her happy place lately so I decided to do the wedding post – who doesn’t love, love!? Luckily for all of you, I love love! And Amy well…..she’ll come around to the love stuff. She just needs to have a little more vodka and a red velvet cupcake – sugar, butter and booze makes everything better!Find more info about Amy Wray, of Mod City Mag here

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