Today’s guest is Barbara Viteri, CEO and owner of Viteri Style Management. She is one of THE leading advisers in the interior design industry for productivity and business management. Barbara will put it to you straight with unfiltered opinions, and no bull shit. Her specialty is helping boutique businesses, mainly design firms, get their companies profitable and organized. Hobby makers need not apply.

Barbara and I first spoke two years ago about the mistakes every designer makes in their business. I think it’s safe to say that whether you’re an interior designer or not, being an entrprenuer presents many challenges. Having the right tools, skills and people in place are the difference between making it or breaking it. For over 20 years this girl from the hood is proof positive that the cream always rises to the top. She has helped hundreds of everyday interior desginers propel their businesses into million dollar boutiques, from the comfort of their homes. She offers up time saving tools, management tips and secrets, to everyday business skills to help streamline your business and boost profitability.

Whether your new to the game or been around the block for twenty years, today’s podcast will give you three take aways to implement in your business immediately.

Barbara Viteri |

Join me as I sit down with Barbara to discuss:

The tools every entrepreneur needs to build an empire from home


  • the trends of the industry
  • what every designers website absolutely must have
  • why virtual assistants don’t always work and when they do
  • how to hire a manager vs an assistant
  • understanding your books to make better business decisions
  • full-time vs part-time and why every designer makes this mistake

For more info on Barbara and her site, click here. To listen to our first podcast, click here.

To find Barbaras article on StyleRedefine on trendsetters, click here.

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