On today’s podcast I sit down with the brilliant and funny Barbara Viteri, of Viteri Style Management; a boutique consulting firm specifically for the interior design trade. Her firm focuses on bite sized, easy to manage systems, simple to follow organization and design specific software to optimize efficiency and profitability. Something every designer needs, but often lacks. Her passion for design, combined with a nuts and bolts approach to the business of design, takes your hobby into full blown design empire.

The 3 mistakes that every designer makes, and how to fix them

Did you know that the average designer works over 45 hours a week, but averages less than $28K a year in salary? Most designers do not know how to manage their time or projects efficiently, causing them to lose valuable resources on wasted energies. In addition to wasting valuable hours on non design tasks, most designers don’t know how to run a profitable and valuable company. Something that is imperative for sustainability to take you from hobby to entrepreneur.

3 mistakes every designer makes | GatesInteriorDesign.com


Today Barbara and I talk shop about the industry, where designers struggle the most, where to find what you need, and hard solutions she can provide you to get you over the hump. We’ll also discuss:

  • the top three mistakes that every designer makes,
  • who to hire first and the answer may surprise you!
  • and learn more about running your million dollar empire from the comfort of your own home

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