Saturday Finds Luxury Home - When is too much too much?

It’s funny to me how big homes have gotten in the past thirty years. In the 60’s the average size home was 1700 sq feet. That is a sizable and comfortable home, however, many people think that bigger is better. Preferring more home, and less lot space, homes today are averaging around 3000 sq feet.

I approach everything with a feng shui state of mind, I’ve learned that bigger is not always better; case in point, today’s home, The Avalon. Large homes can put a huge divide between it’s occupants, and they can suffer. Things will start showing up in their life that are seemingly impossible to pinpoint, but take a closer look, and it’s all in the details of the floor plan.

The Avalon appears to be a beautiful spacious home, with all the fixin’s as we’d say here in the south, but be cautious as this may cause more grief than pleasure.

Saturday Finds Luxury Home - When is too much too much?


This “to be built” home is offered by Remax Elite real estate. Deemed as an extraordinary masterpiece, to be built on 15 acres, this home boasts panoramic views in coveted Williamson County. This exceptional property offers privacy, elegance and breathtaking views all things many homeowners want.

I agree with the points on the property. It will certainly provide breathtaking views and offer it’s occupants the privacy they deserve, but I would caution against building THIS floorpan. Instead, I would opt for something a little more cozy, intimate and much smaller. The Avalon is a little over 11,000 sq feet. Who in the world needs that much space?

Approaching this with Feng Shui sensibility, this home could cause the homeowner to become depleted, they could experience a lot of ups and downs, reputation could be scarred and an affair could unfold. No thanks! Think I’ll stick to my quaint and charming 2000 sq foot home filled with love, laughter and abundance.


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