Robin Williams

When news came in of Robin Williams’ death it hit me by surprise. He wasn’t an actor I expected to be taken so quickly. In fact, The Crazy Ones was fast becoming a show I looked forward to watching each week. While I did not know about his many battles of addiction and depression, I did admire him for his vast talent, imagination and creativity. Unfortunately, many talented people are not only taken too soon, but battle many demons.

Out of curiosity I ran Robin’s numbers today. Numerology is a terrific tool that gives us insights into patterns that we all encounter. It was no surprise that Robin had many patterns align the day he died.

Robin was born on July 21,1951. Interestingly enough the number 8 is all over Robin’s chart. His birthdate adds up to a 26/8 opportunity. As an 8 opportunity his gift was accumulation in wealth, leadership and manifestation on a grand scale. His first name and middle also harbor an 8, along with a 4 in his last name.

The numbers 4 and 8 in numerology are associated with fate and destiny; better known as karma. Robin was in a 7 personal month. A time when most people look within and turn to spirit, but Robin was influenced by yet another 8 for his personal year.

On August 11, 2014 we learned of his death. August is our 8th month of the year and August 11, 2014 adds to 17/8, which is the number of immortality. 

August 11, 2014 is a 17/8 day.  Robin was born into an 8 and left us on an 8. And while we may not understand his internal anguish because we saw nothing but a brilliant man, depression is an affliction that many Americans suffer from that we need to gain better understanding of.

He was beloved as an comedian, actor and humanitarian. A pioneer in imagination and he will be greatly missed.