I must admit, I haven’t worn a watch in about twenty years. I remember when I was a kid I wore a watch every day, and it was a part of my morning ritual of getting ready. If I left the house without it on I obsessed over it all day and could barely function. Fast forward to college when I got my first cell phone and the idea of needing a watch slowly slipped away. But I will say leaving the house without my phone is exactly the same panic I felt as a kid without my watch.

The right way to choose a timepiece

Several weeks ago I met a fan named Payton who works at Jord watches. At first I just thought it was a neat endeavor and I thought their products were pretty, that is until I gained a greater understanding of what this company is about. They are fun-loving artists out of St. Louis dreaming up rad watches with a greater purpose in mind, sustainability.

jord unique wood watch

As I got to know Payton better I started asking more questions, a lot more questions. I wanted to know about this company and how their product went from point A to point B. I quickly realized that this was a company that we could get behind because they cover three of our favorite things: beauty, functionality and sustainability.

All of their products are made from reclaimed furniture scraps. In other words, when furniture is produced, AKA from a designer like me, there can be a lot of bi-product. So Jord saw an opportunity and got to work.

Purchasing a timepiece would not typically be something on my radar, but this is certainly the right way to buy one if you’re in the market. They have a terrific collection for men and an incredible collection for women, both making great gifts options for a loved one. Not to mention a great gift option for a person you may not know what to get. I always say give with purpose and give with intention and this is certainly a unique watch.

I loved the idea so much I decided to get their women’s zebra wood and emerald watch. Isn’t it pretty?


jord unique wood watch

I put this photo up on instagram the other day and everybody went nuts. I love the two toned wood and pop of green. It mixes well with the other ladies, don’t you agree?

I’ve been wearing it for about a week now and so far I love it. It’s eclectic and unusual which is my vibe and I love that it is a sustainable product too! They have a ton of fans online too so if you want to check out more photos or see how others are wearing their Jord watches, just type in #jordwatch or #woodwatch to see more of their unique watches.

Also! Jord is holding a contest! The contest closes March 5th at 11:59pm. The winner receives a $100 E Gift Code and all other entrants receive a $25 E Gift Code!



* The $100 and $25 Gift Codes will expire April 30th, 2017.
* I'm thrilled to have teamed up with Jord watches who sponsored this post.