Today I presented a local workshop on How To Feng Shui Your Gift-Giving at the local library. As my team and I started promoting the class a flood of emails came in asking what that meant. Was there such a thing as giving by way of feng shui? Did feng shui play a role in gift-giving? As a matter of fact, it does!

To me the art of what an occasion and a gift  represents has been grossly lost. So much so I included an entire chapter of the book on it to shed light on the fact that it has become a time of over consumption, it’s adding to your unreasonable clutter and it’s adding to your surmounting, out of control debt.

Most souls feel obligated to give in large monetary ways, especially when it comes to their children. But this my friends is not intentional giving. When it comes to gift-giving running out to buy the latest gadget, toy or thing in haste is not being thoughtful to the person you are giving the gift to. You’re simply buying a new thing that will lose consideration in a short amount of time and also take up valuable square footage in an already cluttered home.

how to feng shui your gift giving

What Gift Giving Should Be

When it comes to gift-giving look for new ways to make it inspiring and really enjoyable. To me, going to an antique shop or a vintage shop, or a flea market is way more pleasing and fulfilling than a crowded department store.

There you will find one-of-a-kind treasures that are unique and special. I think it’s also important to mention that it’s not only about the item, but the process that goes into finding that item that can really elevate it’s Ch’i. Finding extraordinary treasures is built on pleasure. The hunt is half the fun. And the excitement of finding that rare, unique item is way more fulfilling than the widget that everyone else has.

Find inspiration where it matters and give with purpose. Reuse, recycle and repurpose. This enriches your life and can be quite rewarding. In this day and age of mass production and mass marketing it is increasingly hard to find real beauty, quality and originality.The above gift was given to me by my dear friend Deborah. She repurposed a coffee can, used a paint chip for a tag, and filled the gift with homemade love. Within this container is a handmade, knitted hat – and that supersedes anything I could ever find at a department store.

Why Intentional Gift Giving Matters

I think many people give in meaningless ways. But in a society that is hectic and exhausted it’s no wonder that decision fatigue sets in when it comes to gift-giving. It’s just one more thing to do on our growing, never ending to-do list. Once again, this is not giving in an intentional way.
Too often people fill their houses and environments with meaningless stuff-stuff that brings them little enjoyment. Crap they bought on a whim, gifts given with thoughtless manic behavior and without realizing it you have a lackluster life.

Gifts are about finding the perfect item that will truly speak to someone, or better their lives in some way. Giving someone something because it’s their birthday or it’s a holiday is thoughtless. Only give if the item is perfect. Once practiced this shows one another that true care was put in to the item given and that you thought it would bring them joy.

how to feng shui your gift giving

My handmade, full of love hat from Deborah

To give is to be human. We were not put on this earth to hyper consume and be self absorbed, but rather we are here to exchange joyous, loving energy that supports us on our journey.

So whether that gift is a tangible item from a shop, a handmade good, or even your time, learn to be selfless and grow through the art of giving in an intentional way.

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This post from my upcoming book, Detoxing Clutter With Feng Shui