Saint Patrick’s Day is happening later this week which means it’s time to party like a leprechaun! How does one party like a leprechaun you ask? Well, it’s simple. You wear green, drink Irish spirits, and gather all the luck you can possibly imagine. Sounds easy enough, right? There’s also more ways to celebrate the green in Saint Patrick’s Day that’s less whimsical and more sustainable. What does that mean? Well we’re about to tell you!

Putting the green in Saint Patrick’s Day is just as easy as participating in those traditional – yet cheesy – celebrations. You can start by wearing something green that you already own instead of spending money on attire you will only wear once a year. Wearing green is also good for your heart chakra because it evokes compassion and a sense of calming.

Next stop is by your refrigerator where you can eat lots of healthy, nutrient-full, green foods. What better day to break out the super greens like spinach, kale, leeks, avocados than on Saint Patrick’s Day?! Make a trip to the garden store to plant something green that you can get lots of use of such as Peace Lilies (purify the air), herbs (bonus flavor in your cooking, or Aloe (break off a piece and rub on burns and cuts). You can even kick it up a notch by reducing your carbon footprint and hopping on public transportation in place of driving around your car for the day.

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