Aventurine palm stones


Great for overall well-being, encourages personal growth, enhances opportunities, rids a home of geopathic stress and strengthens relationships. Considered “the stone of opportunity” aventurine attracts prosperity, wealth and chance. Works with the heart charka. Great for enhancing the wealth gua, in the garden to connect to the devic kingdom and the family gua to enhance familia opportunity.

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Aventurine is a harmonizing stone that is believed to protect the heart chakra. Considered “the stone of opportunity” aventurine aids in overall well-being and fosters opportunity.  Aventurine attracts prosperity, wealth and chance. A great attractor of luck. It also helps to realize old patterns so spiritual growth can occur. It is said to also amplify leadership qualities. Works with the heart charka. Terrific stone to enhance the wealth gua and the garden. Green aventurine to grid both house and garden to rid it of geopathic stress and can help greatly with electromagnetic pollution. Set of 5.All of my Feng Shui tools are cleansed and energized on my personal altar and carefully handled before they are packed and shipped to you. This is to fill your home with positive energy, happiness and love.