Happy Valentine’s day!

February is one of my favorite months. We are well into the New Year,  we are one month closer to the warmer days of spring, and it’s the month of love. The Gates team loves the love. Not just intimate love but love for all of those around us and humanity. I talk a lot about societies’ withdrawal from one another and how Professor Lin Yun predicted in the late nineties that technology would be our downfall. As more and more people become addicted to technology staying over connected they are simultaneously falling further into disconnection with one another, which leads to what Professor called, detrimental human isolation. In order for mankind to thrive we need connection. We are communal creatures.

The I Ching, a divination text, teaches us that “the world cannot move forward toward harmony and well-being unless human beings act in unison to further what is good and true. Our power as individuals is multiplied only when we gather together as families, groups, and communities with common goals and truly connect.”

Those who cultivate community learn to cultivate and nourish one’s self.

o use feng shui to find love

In the month of February I encourage all of you to challenge yourself to look deep within and connect with what matters most; the relationship you have with yourself.

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and do something bold!

  • Sign up for a local class or workshop,
  • Hand out coats and scarves to the homeless,
  • Help out at a soup kitchen,
  • Volunteer at the Boys and Girls club,
  • Or say yes to an event that makes you truly uncomfortable.

Why does this help with love? Because at our core we are nothing but love. It’s our essence that is currently lost within social media, consumerism, toxic relationships, cynicism and bad habits. In other words, our dear bestie The Ego is being allowed to take the wheel. When we can truly connect with our core we can eliminate those below the cross emotions and rekindle our love affair with life.

This month, If you seek love I offer up several great tips on How to use Feng Shui Your Love Life and How to Indulge In Cacao Ceremonies to call in love for the New year. I know so many friends who are desperate to find love and used these tips and got amazing results!

One of my favorite ways to do this is through a hot new trend sweeping the nation that is ancient, and yet new again: Cacao ceremonies! Cacao is a thick, potent ceremonial drink used for healing and celebration. Made with all-natural ingredients like high-quality Cacao, coconut milk, maple syrup and botanicals, Liz Blake calls this yummy drink, Liquid Love. The point of all this is to enhance your ceremonial experiences. People often feel elevated, expansiveness, connectedness and their hearts open up! It’s the perfect addition to any ceremony or ritual to boost healing and open you up to RECEIVE the love you deserve. So many of us are closed down, shut off and cynical about the world around us. If your heart chakra has walls up you cannot receive, plain and simple. Let Liz teach you how to surrender to love so you can come to a familiar place and see it for the first time. Bravissimo!


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