I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since I was a t KBIS! The Blog Tour put on by Veronica Miller and Florence Von Pelet of Modenus and Design hounds included two more companies that complete our KBIS tour. You can see the other two posts on plumbing and dream kitchens that I wrote earlier this week, plus don’t forget to see my round up on the number one trends from the show.

Innovation Through Laminate and Carpet From KBIS.

What is really fun about large trade shows like KBIS 2017 is seeing all the new products that are on the horizon. Here, vendors are their most innovative showing off their ingenuity and well thought out plans to make our lives better. Built-in compost cabinets that replace those old trash compactors, fancy shelf systems that keep us organized and electronic doors and shelves that make our products more accessible.

Two such products that we saw at the show that are sure to make our lives better are Wilsonart and Mohawk flooring. We don’t often think of these two items as a way to better our home, however they are keeping you in mind every step of the way.


I think there are a lot of misconceptions around laminate tops, surfaces and floors. Many have flashbacks from the seventies of avocado greens and that decades color of choice, gold. Well be prepared to be surprised! Laminate has come a log way! Wilsonart’s latest innovation has made laminate possible in the shower. And thinking you can’t have pretty in the same sentence with laminate, see the photos below of beautiful designs built to make our lives more functional and pretty.

Innovation Through Laminate and Carpet From KBIS

Innovation Through Laminate and Carpet From KBIS

Innovation Through Laminate and Carpet From KBIS

Innovation Through Laminate and Carpet From KBIS

Laminate has indeed come a long way and now more than ever we need to be considering green alternatives in our homes. Wilsonart has made is possible to mix style, functional and green all in one.

Mohawk Flooring

Carpet is not something many of us think of unless we are about to build a new home or we are in the process of remodeling. But not to worry, Mohawk has you covered. Their new line Silk Reserve is one of their softest and innovative carpet’s yet! Over the course of seventeen years they have perfected softness and durability and deemed it the revolution of soft.

Mohawk was kind enough to host the entire Blog Tour at the Ritz Carton for massages and bellinis with their softest carpet under foot. There was not a complaint in the room, they truly have perfected the art of soft!


Libby Langdon and I at the Mohawk flooring event at the Ritz Carlton. Thank you Mohawk for hosting us on such soft carpet!

For more information about KBIS or our tour be sure to look up the hashtag #BlogTourKBIS or #DesignHounds to see all the photos from the tour! Sponsored by KBIS, Veronica Miller and Flo Von Pelet of Modenus and Design hounds.