3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen

At the beginning of the week I wrote about the visible trends from KBIS that will start showing up in everyone’s kitchens in the next two years moving forward. One such trend that I am extremely happy to see go is the all-white kitchen. From a mundane sense an all white kitchen appears attractive and clean. But from a Feng Shui stand point Professor Lin Yun stated that an all white kitchen can create illness. “A kitchen represents the energy source for your family and career, so an all white kitchen has no life.”

A kitchen needs to be bright and full of vitality. It needs to feel strong and rooted. If this is where your family and career thrive infuse it with personality, color and life. One great trend were colorful plumbing fixtures. And here are 3 other items from KBIS to help you build your dream kitchen to help your family thrive:

Wellborn Cabinets

The foundation to any great kitchen is found in it’s cabinets. Rather than choosing white go for bold color options like this Emerald green. No other color brings vitality and strength to a space like green!

3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen

If one solid color is too strong or you fear you’ll tire of it, choose warm two-toned woods like this stunner from the Wellborn Cabinet showroom:

3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen


Depending on your budget the next thing you’ll need are incredible appliances. If you’re looking for an appliance line that is good looking and affordable this will take your dream kitchen up a notch. Signature appliances has something for everyone. Whether you’re a gourmet chef or just trying to get dinner on the table, Signature will make your kitchen shine. Plus they look good with cupcakes.

3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen

3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen

3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen


No dream kitchen is complete without 5 star appliances, literally 5 star burner appliances! Over the years I have tried every top of the line appliance and none have performed and pleased me more than that of Thermador. Their customer service is impeccable and their product is consistent and reliable, not to mention, absolutely beautiful. So if your budget allows you to have an upgrade, thermador is the answer.

Isn’t this built-in refrigerator beautiful? They unveiled a very cool touch system door that had no doors but it wasn’t for me. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to have handles on my doors.

Another cool feature is their stove lights. I know, of all the things to be impressed with but it truly is about the little things that make life easier, like being able to see your cooking knobs.

In addition to the standard appliances they also have dishwashers with cool led lighting and a built-in espresso maker that any coffee connoisseur could sign up for.

I’d also like to thank Thermador for showing the entire Blog Tour an amazing good time at Friscoes. We had an amazing lunch that was to die for and it ended with cheesecake! That definitely makes a dream kitchen better!

Trim by Metrie

If you remember last year I did a post about Metrie and all their amazing trim details for a home. There is no better place in a home to really add personality and style than in the kitchen. Here is where the details matter. Metrie can zhush up your dream kitchen with crown molding, base molding and my personal favorite, incredibly stylish doors!

3 Items from KBIS 2017 To Build Your Dream Kitchen


If you are about to embark on a kitchen project or remodel be sure to read my latest blog post on kitchen and bath trends that will be showing up over the next two years. When one trend has dominated for a decade and starts to transition into the next trend there are always those who miss the memo and invest good money in an old trend! This will immediately date your space!

Next week I’ll be sharing with you the latest innovations in laminate and carpet! And be sure to look up the hashtag #BlogTourKBIS or #DesignHounds to see all the photos from the tour! Sponsored by KBIS, Veronica Miller and Flo Von Pelet of Modenus and Design hounds.