Eight years ago when I had my studio in Cool Springs, one of my favorite reps came in and said, you need to check out this line Selamat that I just picked up, you’re going to love it! Back then it was a small line of rattan, and wicker with a totally cool west coast vibe. The thing that sold me was their mission for sustainability. Their goal is to make beautiful, classic furniture from cast off pieces of wood that would otherwise become waste.

The Jungalows Justina Blakeney Launches Line For Selamat


Boy have they come a long way. They have just teamed up with one of my favorite people, Justina Blakeney who not only authors the kick ass blog, The Jungalow, but also wrote the brilliant eye candy The New Bohemians; one of my all time favorite books.

The new bohemians Justina Blakeney

I heard her speak at the Design Bloggers Conference and I loved her even more. Her speech was by far my favorite. Her entire brand is built on decorating wild. A bohemian chic of collected things that she learned from her parents. Combined with an eclectic aesthetic, she also combines tons of plants. In fact the plants may be my favorite thing in her brand but I can only admire from afar since most are not safe for cats.

The Jungalows Justina Blakeney Launches Line For Selamat

At any rate, Justina has now teamed up with that little ol’ company Selamat, a now thriving full-fledged furniture company I might add, to launch her new line, Justinian. Which is entirely all things cool, and eclectic, just like her.

The Jungalows Justina Blakeney Launches Line For Selamat

Hop on over to Selamat to view the Justinian collection and view Selmat’s ever-expanding line of sustainable, design furniture.

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