Why Self-care is important at this time

I had a lot planned for the month and none of it really happened because I got sick. At the end of January, I was showing homes to a lovely couple from Alabama. At our last appointment, I noticed a tickle in my throat that quickly turned scratchy by that night. Within a day I had a full-blown sore throat. As a kid, I got strep throat all the time and by the looks of it, I was headed down that same road. Because one of the side effects of COVID is a sore throat I went to the doctor immediately to get checked out. The good news was, it was just garden-variety strep throat, the bad news was, I had strep throat.

Does perfect Feng Shui exist?

When it comes to personal Chi it’s imperative to work on your temple of Chi daily. It’s the only way to ensure balanced Feng Shui. Will it be perfect? Probably not, but it will be close! I can feel your eyes rolling at me. I get it, it can be hard with busy schedules. I know because I’m speaking from a very recent experience! I took the following weekend off to rest, but I had so much to do the following week that by Monday I hit the ground running. I still felt a little off and I was super tired, but I pushed through. (That ultimately was not the best decision because I got tonsilitis!) However, one of the highlights from the week of to-dos was my interview by Rachel Schramm of Welcome Home. (video is below) If you’re curious about what the heck Feng Shui is, what the benefits are and why you should be doing it, we cover it in this video. Along with great tips. But another topic that often comes up, is it possible to build the perfect Feng Shui home? What a great question! Find out the answer in the video!


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