Fun, easy shortcuts to successful Feng Shui

Hello, Lovelies!

What if rejuvenating your life was as simple as applying Feng Shui principles? Because according to my book, it is. Your living space reflects your life, and the goal of Feng Shui is to help you achieve balance in both. Not only by cultivating your Chi, but enhancing your environment. So in a lot of ways, it’s a win-win! In Feng Shui, all objects possess energy called Chi, and by knowing how to manipulate Chi in a positive way, you bring luck, wealth, and opportunity into your home and life. Here’s the thing, when it comes to Feng Shui you don’t have to seek a bunch of external things, like self-help, a new lifestyle, or even a new diet (although that can help your Chi), all you need to do is get the energy right. Energy is like a hose, and when things aren’t going right in your life, you’re operating from a kinked hose which makes life feel sticky, stagnant, and stuck. Meh, who wants that?

As we embark on a new decade (that many astrologers are saying will knock our socks off) it’s time to get that energy right, ditch the excuses and start being the badass boss you are.

Here are a few quick tips to get that energy flowing.

Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors reflect, push and pull energy, so position them in places where you want to increase energy flow. Use them to expand narrow halls, reflect a beautiful view or push out a missing piece. But make sure your mirrors reflect something beautiful. If the reflection is cutting off your head or pulling in a reflection of the cemetery across the street, you’ll need to find a new method. Finally, stop reading books, or online articles that tell you to avoid mirrors in the bedroom. I’ve read everything from they keep you awake, bring in too much energy, and my favorite, they invite ghosts into the bedroom. Are you kidding me? your bedroom can become a very yin space, especially if you’re a single female. Mirrors add much-needed yang energy and get your ass out of bed to keep your feet moving forward. Bedroom + Mirrors = kick-ass results!

Care for your Front Door Chi

You can’t benefit from amazing opportunities flowing to you if you don’t use your front door. Even worse, don’t expect incredible opportunities to show up on your doorstep if your door is cluttered with cobwebs, has burnt out light bulbs and has a mat from 1982. Keep this area clean, well maintained, and impeccable looking. This is like going on a job interview for your dream job. Would you show up without taking a shower, no makeup, and filthy from the all-night bender you had last night? Of course not. If your door is filthy so are the opportunities that come knocking. If your door sticks everything in life will feel like a battle, and you’ll find yourself saying things like, “Every time I do this something falls through…… or ……….. I feel like things aren’t working.” It’s because those opportunities are getting tripped up. Take this area of your home very seriously. There’s a reason I’ve made it one of my Top 5 Disruptors™. If you can only do one thing, THIS is the area to pay attention to.

Bring the Outdoors in

Nature calms our parasympathetic nervous system and gives our entire body a reprieve. In fact, research shows that simply viewing nature reduces anger and anxiety by 50% and enhances feelings of pleasure. Open up your home when you can to let the fresh air in, get outside in nature, and surround your home with plants. You can also adorn the walls with paintings of nature and landscapes to give you the feel of the outdoors. Because we spend less and less time outdoors and have allowed our schedules to get unruly, our energy systems crave plants and nature. It’s why I named it one of the hottest upcoming trends for 2020, and USA Today took notice! Peggy Noonan, a writer from USA Today interviewed me about the power of plants and how they can heal our Feng Shui. You can read it here: Flower Power.

Light Up Your Chi

Bright lights rev up Chi and expand your horizons. Areas that are commonly dark like hallways represent your veins and arteries. If the halls are difficult, long, or zig-zag, this can portend issues in health. I’ve often spoken of a home I worked on here in Nashville that was large and expansive until you hit the halls. They were very narrow and I felt like I was being constricted. Turned out Brooke, the new homeowner was a cardiac surgeon. If you have areas that are commonly dark in your home, take a step back and find out what that area represents. What is your home telling you? And if your Chi is slumped, common in the winter months, be sure to keep your home well lit. With so many awesome energy efficient, alternatives available, there’s no reason not to light up your Chi!

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out my YouTube channel. I have tons of fantastic tips on how to cultivate your Chi, fix your Feng Shui and create a better life!

Love, light, and Shui!