Interior Design Veronica Solomon

Unlike most podcast interviews I do I knew nothing about today’s guest, Interior Designer Veronica Solomon. My good friend Carla Aston recommended her and after taking one look at her site I knew she’d be perfect. I mean she adores color which is music to my ears! But rather than research her and get a feel for who Veronica Soloman is, I decided that today’s interview would be done on the fly. I wanted to learn about her in much the same way that someone new to the podcast would. I wanted it to unfold organically just as a natural conversation would. So I looked at this as a virtual sit down with Veronica while having a cup of coffee.

Interior Designer Veronica Solomon

And heres what I do know.

Veronica is based out of Katy Texas. Her aesthetic is colorful and fresh, which she pulls from her Jamaican heritage. Unlike most designers, she did not grow up wanting to be a designer, but rather fell in love with it after moving to America and learning that it could be a career. After many ups and downs, including becoming a widow, Veronica found her way into a thriving interior design business. But like any good story her line to success was anything but straight.

Interior Design Veronica Solomon

Just like most entrepreneurs she faced many challenges. And after only five minutes into the podcast you’ll quickly learn that her tenacity is palpable. Instead of giving up she worked other jobs, got educated and learned everything she could about a business she loved. And that preserving has paid off!

Interior Design Veronica Solomon

Today Interior Designer Veronica Solomon and I discuss:

  • Becoming an interior designer and formal degrees
  • The road to success can be challenging but failure is not an option
  • Raising kids while managing a career
  • Social media – what works and what doesn’t
  • The headaches of social media and how to overcome them
  • The design process and what that looks like
  • Why hiring an interior designer is the BEST investment
  • What does an interior designer actually do?
  • Blogging – should you blog and what does it do for business

To find out more about Veronica hop on over to her website: Casa Vilora

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