Another graduation season is upon us. Thousands of students are walking across that stage and right into the real world. Many are in for quite the shock. This is why we at The Gates Company like to give intentional gifts to the graduates in our lives. Intentional gifts that help set the foundation for their new lives. After all, the real world is quite different from anything they’ve already experienced… even if they think otherwise.

Let’s step back for a moment. Intentional gifts – they’re something we’ve emphasized quite a bit in the past. Intentional gifts are gifts that obviously you give with intention however they also create good energy for the recipient as well as for you. They’re gifts that set the intention of doing better.

Dave Ramsey’s Graduate’s Survival Guide
This book is from the financial guru himself. Its perfect for grads from high school to college.

Eco-Friendly Luggage
It’s no secret the majority of Millennials are big supporters of the eco-friendly movement. New grads also tend to travel a lot more than the average person. A perfect way to combine the two is to buy the new grad in your life a set of eco-friendly luggage.

Bracelet of Inspiration
Who doesn’t need a little sign of inspiration every now and then? A MantraBand is the perfect way to show a new grad you support them in everything they set out to do than with a bracelet with an empowering quote. Every time they look down at it they will be reminded of you and your support of their future.

Livescribe Pen
Whether they are graduating from high school and headed to college or graduating college and headed to the boardroom a Livescribe Pen will be a life saver of a gift. As you write it pulls it into digital data so they can download it on their computer later for future reference or to aide in acing tests.

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