Many designers across the country are starting to offer design services virtually; myself included. The question most often asked is, how does it work? Can you really get a designer look without working one on one with the designer? Well I’m not gonna lie, it does pose some challenges, however, for those with a DIY heart and a ‘roll up their sleeves attitude,’ magic can ensue. It allows you access to a terrific design for a fraction of the cost.

About a year ago a gal contacted me who needed help with her entryway. She was getting married to a wonderful man, who lived in a beautiful home, that unfortunately had some really bossy color. She wanted an entirely new look, one that was fresh and updated – something the current entry did not have! Here’s the before photo:

before photo


Ack! That is some bossy color! It also does not coordinate with the stunning floors. Not to mention, this is extremely outdated, I mean, who faux paints their walls like this anymore?

So after getting a clear idea of what she was wanting I put together a plan. This is the most important stage of a new project. So if you are about to tackle a remodel, or even a refresh of your space make sure you follow six important steps.


  • Put together an overall plan
  • Get clear on your design direction
  • How do you want the space to feel
  • Research the average costs of things
  • Develop a budget based on your research
  • Create an action plan to keep the project on track

One of the things Gwen said over and over again was that she wanted her entry to feel inviting and beachy. This home is on a lake, so she wanted the entry to introduce people to what was to come – a beautiful view!

So I put together an overall plan, based on the budget she wanted to spend, and here is what I came up with:

Koch Entrance


My plan is fun, eclectic and gave them a collected look that didn’t seem too stuffy. As with most virtual plans, I submitted it to them and wished them well with their new entry plan. Let the DIY begin! Many times my virtual clients will work towards their plans over the course of six months to a year, and I don’t always get to see the “after” photos. But I’m happy to say that Gwen emailed me over the weekend to show me her progress of the space, and I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.

before photo

entryway after

With a terrific new grass wallpaper, chandelier and entry table, this space is coming along quite nicely! Add the pop of color with a new rug and this space is already starting to look significantly better! Now all she needs are lamps and some artwork and this space will be complete. A job well done!

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