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This design system is for you if you do not want full service Interior Design. If you are a kick ass DIY’er who likes to pull up her sleeves and get busy, then this system is perfect for you! With this system you pick and choose what services you need.  You can choose one or all three, it’s entirely up to you, and what works for you and your project.

Step 1: Design Concept

Need Help but have no clue where to start?

Then you need a Design Concept. What the heck is that? Essentially, it’s your thomas guide, AKA roadmap, that tells you exactly how to achieve the room of your dreams.

You might love decorating but are unsure of where to start. If you struggle to put everything together, don’t know where to shop or are challenged when trying to achieve a continuous look throughout your home, then you need a design concept. This will give you a design road map so you know exactly how to get the room or rooms that are unique, and stylish to you. A design concept puts all of your to-be-attained items in one place, like a shopping list, drawings, and and overall vision that you execute at your own pace.

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A concept will help you:

1) Accomplish an overall vision for your space. This is important because you want to know the big picture for your space. It helps you avoid mistakes, and saves you gobs of time.

2) Determine your decorating style – Many of us have “bright-shiny-object-syndrome.” Don’t worry I’ve been diagnosed with this too. So if you have a tendency to get sidetracked, knowing this key ingredient will help you stay on track and avoid buying items that LOOK like you were all over the place when decorating. It’s one thing to be eclectic, it’s another to be distracted.

3) Create continuous flow through your room or rooms – Another important ingredient. have you ever walked a model home and thought, goodness, this space just feels so good? When one room coordinates with another it has what we like to call flow. Without it your home abruptly switches gears and just feels off.

4) Select the right colors and furnishings – Anyone can choose colors, but not everyone can choose the right colors. And changing gears halfway through a project can halt color choices quickly, making your space feel jarring. Add in the wrong size furniture and this project goes off the rails quickly. This system tells you exactly what will work, and helps you stay on track so you get an amazing space that impresses you and your friends with wow factor!

5) Allow you to work at your own pace Many people think they have to do everything all at once and rush. This only makes the process frustrating and disappointing – and that sets you up for failure. This is an extremely joyous process, and that includes the journey, exploration and discovering. So don’t rush this. Decorating your space will be one of the best things you ever do for you, and your family, so let it be fun.

6) Show you where to shop So important! If you only shop at pottery barn or restoration hardware or even the local furniture store, your home starts to look like their showroom and not your home. No one wants that. You want a space that is as unique and special as you are and a design concept helps you create that without worry or fear that you’re doing it wrong.

7) Help you determine the correct decorating budget  I help you put together a realistic budget so you know not only what to expect, but you get the results you really want.

Click below to see some examples, or email us to see real-time projects that went from concept, to completion with amazing results.



Recent Samples of our Interior Design Packages

Starter Package Includes: Pinterest board, floor plan, and design concept

Deluxe package Includes: Floor plan, custom Pinterest board, furnishing recommendations, Color direction, Overall concept, 3 fabric options, Accessory recommendations and 1 custom rendering.

VIP Design package Includes: Floor plan, Overall concept, custom Pinterest board, furnishing recommendation, Color direction, Overall concept, 3 fabric options, Accessory recommendations and 3 custom renderings, along with an estimated budget.

Step 2: Need help purchasing a design package? Logistics & Procurement

Sounds so sexy doesn’t it? Well, this is the nitty-gritty where we help you handle all the actual purchasing of products and hiring of any contracted vendors necessary to accomplish the look from your design concept. Trying to handle all your own purchasing can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially when most people don’t know the ropes. We can handle all the purchasing, admin, and correspondence, and free you up for more important things. Contact us for a quote.

Step 3: Need help putting it all together? Installation

This is the huge payoff moment where you get to sit back and watch it all come together. This is a job that sounds simple, but really requires a lot of know-how and timing to make it all work flawlessly. When done professionally, there are no loose ends and left over things to be done – the only thing left to do is enjoy!



*It’s important to note that phase two and phase three are add ons for our custom design concepts. We do not offer phase two or phase three for items we are not familiar with or have not selected.

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