In this day and age everything moves at lightning speed. With social media quick on the tails of every story, nothing is sacred, and everything is news – even Kim Kardashian splashing Vogue is suddenly news worthy. Why? Who knows, but it keeps us glued to our phones, iPads, computers and everything in between, afraid we might miss something. (I’ll sleep better knowing Kimmy is thrilled beyond words to be on the cover.)

One thing that I have noticed is the sudden glorification of “busy”. Everyone running around in circles, cramming in more tasks than they can handle all in an effort to be considered productive. Or is it in an effort to keep up with status quo? Either way the alchemy of balance is non existent. So how do you find a slower pace and step out of the glorified rat race?

It’s the power of saying No, and it’s the power of taking back the stillness, getting rid of the “busy” and stopping to smell the roses. As world renowned astrologer Tom Brady stated: Now more than ever we need to slow down and gain back our sense of community. It’s now or never. Perhaps a good time to meet your neighbors too!

Today as I ran through my Facebook feed my dear friend Varian captured this very thing beautifully:

If you listen closely, silence has a (sound) and a rhythm. ~ Angel OJ Holcomb 

In our society, we find ourselves in constant movement, in the constant hustle and bustle of each day. We have come to wear our “busyness” as a badge of honor. But busyness does not equal achievement, accomplishment or progress.

I have to remind myself and I also encourage you, to be intentional about more downtime and silence in your schedule. It may seem very counter intuitive, but the more often you engage in sacred silence, the more creative, accomplished and fulfilled you will be.

It is in the silence that the reason for your existence, the plan and magnitude of your work, and the span of your impact is revealed……

BE still and know! Varian Brandon


Amanda Gates and Varian Brandon

Amanda Gates and Varian Brandon

How to Achieve A Slower Pace And Step Out Of The Glorified Rat Race


1) Learn to say No.

As a society, especially women, we feel the need to not let people down. We are organically nurturing and want to swoop in to save the day. Stop, think about what it is you are signing up for and decide if its worth your offerings or creating a sacrifice.

2) Walk away from the judgement.

Learn that the judgement that others may or may not put on you is usually the judgment you put onto yourself. Perception can be a dark horse. First and foremost, make yourself happy. If those needs are met, then you won’t need number three listed next.

3) Live free of guilt

We hold ourselves responsible for everyone else’s crap. Simply put, ‘not your circus, not your monkeys’. And if we are referring to your children….well you may well be dealing with monkeys. But I had a simple upbringing, I love my mother dearly, her most important gift was being present, not signing me up to every event to meet status quo…

4) Learn to find your Ma.

Learn to be OK with the silence. We have conditioned ourselves to hate stillness and many of us have become fidgety. Find your Ma, within it you will find your Balance, Harmony and Home.

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