How To Get Up When You Are Feeling Down

As I continue to grow in my spiritual awareness I am reminded how important it is to reflect my light onto others. A true spiritual path means that we all must witness the suffering of others and witness the darkness in the world, in an effort to create change. Unfortunately, in our world it doesn’t matter which way you turn, darkness is all around us. The challenge however, is not to ignore it but rather shine light on it from a place of complete gratitude and love.

Everyone deserves love and kindness. And you are no different. You are no less worthy, or less special. In fact, you are remarkable in so many ways. But due to so much darkness in the world we often lose sight of our best qualities…..comparing ourselves to someone’s “overnight” success that likely took twenty years to achieve. So how do you get up when you are feeling down?
Amanda and Earl
Through stillness (and perhaps insanity)  I can find more perspicuous answers that help guide me to the ‘Ma’, (the space between each breath and the gap between each thought). Life really is is all about choices, you can face the darkness head on or turn the other way, but one thing is for sure, it will remain either way so approach it with love, and a little vodka.


It’s  up to you on how you proceed with said choices. Always take time to find your stillness and answer the longing deep with in your heart. Love yourself with great urgency, not haste, and take the time to bask in all your accomplishments.  Love is about full participation, and requires us to “show up” for ourselves and each other, as if it were the first and only task of the day.  Your darkness, better known as your truth, may be unsavory, but your vision is sharper and your path illuminated. The universe always gifts us with a crossroads, it is time to decide what matters most and if you are willing to “show up” or “give in”, the choice is yours. So are you ready to create change?
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