having it all with rachel singleton

Designer Extraordinaire Rachel Shingleton, just might be one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s laid back, creative, funny and has a kick ass outlook on life – but don’t ask her about fried shrimp – which is helping her gain grace as she navigates motherhood.

Rachel and I met during the bloggers tour in Highpoint this past April, put on by Esteem Media. I was surprised that I had never heard of her, especially since she was a part of the original blogging mania that started taking off in 2008; which is whenI started this blog. Rachel and I immediately hit it off. Her light breezy personality jived seamlessly with my ridiculous nature. Our view on life is defiantly through rose colored glasses – that just might be shaped like yellow palm trees.

Rachel’s company Pencil Shavings Studio is well versed in all things creative. Whether you’re looking for inspiration in design, graphics, or fashion, this visionary mom has you covered. What most people probably don’t know is that this inspirational creative had an identity crisis when motherhood came calling. Who was she? Would her career be over? Would she be able to grasp that mythical creature better known as  ‘having it all?’ Nope, not even close, and that is perfectly OK.

Having It All With Designer Extraordinaire Rachel Shingleton

Luckily, her blog Pencil Shavings helped her avoid a complete melt down. It allowed her to build an online community of other like-minded, creative weirdos, and the rest is history. Through Pencil Shavings she takes us, her readers, on a visual journey of design explosion, because as she puts it, “when it comes to design, it all matters.” I couldn’t agree more.

Having It All With Designer Extraordinaire Rachel Shingleton

Located in the heart of Oklahoma, which might be where unicorns are from, Rachel shares design in a sinuous cohesive way to help inspire us all in a unique way.

Having It All With Designer Extraordinaire Rachel Shingleton

On today’s podcast we’ll talk about:

  • What is the definition of art and design?
  • Can you have it all?
  • Where the hell is Oklahoma anyways?
  • Where does that creative genius exist?
  • As creatives, how can we help people better express themselves?
  • Blogging and what that routine looks like
  • Self care and how to manage it all
  • Writing everyday and why it matters
  • Her top 3 social platforms

For more info on Rachel, head on over to her blog, Pencil Shavings



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