When it comes to numerology your cars license plate number is one of the most important numbers to pay attention to. It has a direct relationship with you and the way you travel, and while no numbers are considered dangerous, it’s worth taking a look at your numbers to see how well your car harmonizes with you, your personality and your purpose. Just as your house address can help accelerate your goals, so can your car when it comes to your travels. And don’t be surprised if you see repeating numbers; it’s hardly a coincidence that your personal numbers match your car numbers or phone number or both because we attract numbers that align to our energetic vibrations.



If it had been left up to me I would have made my parents buy me the wienermobile. Funny considering that today I am a vegetarian…oh the irony. Lucky for me and most kids, my parents were sensible people and my first car was a bright green convertible. Not only did it bring me great joy but it reminded me of my favorite flower, the tulip. Unfortunately, vanity plates in California were very hard to come by so I was “left” with 2ulipz….or was I? After looking a little closer the plate added to a 27/9. Why is this significant? Well turns out my name also adds to a 9.

Years later after studying numerology I started to see that the numbers around me were not mere coincidences but an energetic attraction, better known in the science world as numerical patterns. Today my phone number, name, and house all add to a 9; a number closely related to humanity, community and giving back. A number I’m also working on in my soul report card.

So what do your numbers say about you? Add the numbers all together and if you have letters add them up based on this chart:

vedic numerology

vedic numerology


The numbers of your plate reflects the way other drivers see you. The total, numbers and letters, reflects the purpose and type of journey.


1  This relates to a motorist who does not have time for slow drivers. Always on a mission your driving would be considered very efficient and your concentration good; but be careful this number could put you under stress. Play relaxing music and focus on goals you’ve accomplished rather than what still needs to be done.

2 This motorist thinks about other drivers. You are a considerate driver, but often worry too much about the driver coming up in the rear view mirror, who’s turning or what others are doing. This awareness of others makes you nervous. Learn to focus, enjoy the drivers around you and if have guests in the car enjoy their company. As a 2 you’ll find yourself as a taxi taking friends and family from one place to another.

3 Driving is fun and you enjoy movement. This is a motorist who loves entertainment. This car deserves to be customized making other drivers take notice. This is also a number of creative inspiration so don’t be surprised if you get those big ideas while in the car.

4 This is a well-maintained car and practicality is paramount. You have a strong sense of getting from point A to point B. An excellent number for shopping, DIY equipment and anything considered useful. Routine journeys happen often and try not to stress about keeping this car too clean. You could end up taking this car too seriously and it’s important to relax while driving.

5 This car wants freedom. The temptation here will be distractions while you drive which could result in mistakes. This motorist must have a hands free device because gossip and other distractions will be tempting in this vehicle. You will also experience that sometimes you’ll be irritable and other times quite happy, distracted by a million thoughts, lively music, the phone and company among other things. Focus.

6 Best number for a family car, this car is all about outings or anything connected to community. Seating should be comfy, and the more the merrier. This car is often involved in charitable work and drivers in helping and nurturing professions do well in a 6 car.

7 Another number associated with distraction, so caution is advised. This is the number of deep thought. You may find yourself at the wrong destination because your mind belonged to higher thinking. Or you may find that while your thoughts go on auto pilot your car ends up at the right place because your instinct got you there naturally. Driving this car will take you to different worlds, deep thought, and enjoying all the scenery.

8 A number associated with driving well, this is the car with flash, and high profile. Ferrari anyone? But it is important for you to not get too excited with this car. You may be tempted to get bossy and demanding because this car is impressive-remember to calm down. Invest in a hands free device and learn to be a good and efficient driver despite the the fact that you’re driving Ferrari.

9 Driving seems like a waste of time. This is the environmentally friendly, tree hugging car like a prius-the car that gives back, helps the community, the environment and participates in car-sharing. This driver doesn’t necessarily need a car and views it as something that gets them where they need to go.

So what does your car say about you? Leave comments below to let me know.


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