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Buying a new house can be so much fun but it can also be nerve-racking. I remember back in 2013 going through the process of looking for a home and finding everything from charming details to downright quirky particulars that became deal breakers. Most people search for a house that feels like home. It’s a sense, a feeling that comes over you and you just know this is our house! What a lot of people don’t know is that the layout of your home matters.  In Feng Shui all of the minute details add up to a whole and everything counts.  So if you’re in the market to buy a new house, here’s a few things you need to know.


When I look at a home the first thing I want to see is the front and back yard. This can tell a lot about a home’s strength and vitality. In neighborhoods where the Ch’i is strong and vibrant so is their landscaping. Trees, flowers, grass and shrubs thrive in areas of active Ch’i. Leaves are rich and their flowers vivid in color. These are happy, healthy, homes.

If you enter into a neighborhood where each home has dilapidated landscaping, take notice. The Ch’i here is weak and something about the energy is off. You may struggle to get your home in tip-top shape and the lack of Ch’i will drain you and your home.

With that said, if you’re retired, or have the time to devote the care needed to bring it back to life, your love and devotion could help bring vibrant Ch’i back to the home and neighborhood. The photo above is an excellent example from a client who felt drained all the time. This is an example of a house with poor Ch’i (photo on the left). I drew up a plan to emphasize the columns, repaint the house, create a clear entrance and path, along with new landscaping. Can you feel the difference?

Buying a New House? Here's What You Need To Know

Design Details Matter

Placement of walls, bathrooms, even doorways can have an adverse effect on your health and well-being, so pay attention to your gut reaction and how you feel. One of the best things you can do is record yourself when you walk a house. Yes! Record yourself. You’ll often hear on the playback reactions that you didn’t realize you had, reactions that are your instincts shouting at you.

If a wall feels too close, a bathroom seems  awkward, or a hallway too tight, trust that your instincts are right. Because those details will wear on you over time which can stress your adrenals, cause headaches, mood swings and more. In Feng Shui it all counts, so pay attention.

Energy Makes a Difference

Even though you can’t see it you can likely feel it. Energy lingers in a home and heavy energy like a death, dramatic event or a divorce can leave a residue for decades. I recently walked into a home that had encountered drug abuse, divorce and suicide over the course of seven years. When I walked into the home I could barely breathe and my chest felt like it was being split open. Now I’ll admit I’m very sensitive to energy but if you are too you may not realize that the house is what’s causing it.

Buying a house? heres what you need to know

When purchasing a home make sure to ask lots of questions. I remember when we bought our house I asked to have a meeting with the homeowners in the house before we purchased. Unconventional? I didn’t think so. I wanted to see their dynamic, how the family unit operated and got along. I also wanted to see if it was a happy, strong marriage because I knew that when we moved in our things would be living in that energy soup, including us.  Luckily for us it was an incredible marriage and a strong family. The thing to remember is pay attention to how you feel. If it feels great you’re well on your way, if it doesn’t but you love the house be sure to do a house cleanse before and after you move in to bless the house with new energy.


A lot of homeowners will say they want high ceilings. A good amount of space can promote higher thinking and big ideas, however too much and you’ll get lost in the clouds. It can also be a place for stagnant Ch’i to linger which can clutter your thoughts. Too low of ceilings and you’ll feel cramped, acquire headaches and possibly even sinus issues. Since the ceiling in Feng Shui is associated with the head it’s important to make sure they feel just right.


Small, cramped hallways prevent good flowing Chi from roaming the house freely. Like you, energy needs to be able to breathe and meander. If your home has dark, cramped hallways you’re literally being squeezed to the bone and you may find yourself getting stuck in life. Energy is being squeezed or rerouted in a jarring way which can show up in life as complications. If you find a house that’s incredible that you can’t live without and the halls are a bit small, paint the hall white, or add pictures of nature to open it up.

What You Need to Know

The most important thing to recognize when purchasing a home is paying attention to how it feels. Take stock in everything from your first impression pulling up, smells, senses, feelings that come up and words that you say. Without a doubt we all have an intimate relationship with our homes. Like a family member she takes care of us, keeps us warm and helps us raise our kids. This is a space we foster our relationships and build memories. So when purchasing a new home ask yourself, is this someone you want to marry? Or is this just a one night stand?


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