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David and I are heading out this week for the fourth. There is nothing I love more than a holiday. It’s a right of passage to lay around, be lazy and not have to worry about emails and phones. So as I prepare my bag of vacation goodies, nothing is more important than my books. REAL books! And you can see my other list of great books here.

What’s on the list? Well far more than I can possibly read in five days, but I tend to bounce around depending on my mood and can’t wait to get into these lovelies.

Emma Straub, who also wrote The Vacationers is hilarious and I love her writing style. So I’m looking forward to diving into Modern Lovers. If it’s anything like her previous work I’m sure it will be a laugh out loud, can’t put it down book.

I haven’t started Eligible yet, but I was intrigued that it’s a modern day rewrite of Pride and Prejudice and that is one of my favs!

When Breath Becomes Air first came out my book club was all afoot about adding it to our fall reading. We already had our list for the year so that meant something had to get cut and I wasn’t sure it was a worthy read. Holy cow, I’m only a few chapters in and let me tell you, it’s well written and really puts things into perspective. As a doctor who worked with ill patients for years he forced to come face to face with disease when he suddenly becomes the patient. Hind sight is truly 20-20.

Lab Girl I’m still not certain about. A good friend of mine read it and said it was great. It’s about a chick who loves plants and became a scientist to save them. A biography of sorts about growing up in Minnesota and loving plants since she was a kid. So we’ll see, haven’t even cracked it yet.

American Housewife is without a doubt my speed. It’s funny, relatable and downright funny; and yet it breaks the picture of perfection by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what it really means to be a “housewife”.

No summer is complete without a guilty pleasure, and that for me will be Ashley Warlick’s The Arrangement. Set in the 30’s and 40’s and partly based on a true story, it’s about a married woman who desires her husbands best friend. So scandalous!

Book Love, what everyone needs to be reading right now

Modern Lovers | Eligible | When Breath Becomes Air | Lab Girl | American Housewife | The Arrangement

So there you have it, my 6 reads for the rest of summer. I love getting lost in a book and I know these won’t disappoint.