There are two things in the study of feng shui that are considered detrimental to our health – clutter and electronics. The worst place to put these items? In the bedroom. I write about feng shui basics all the time, but my most popular post to date is my Feng Shui Bedroom Basics post, which leads me to believe,  people are making a real effort to get it right.

A couple of weeks ago I took on a new bedroom project and it inspired me to write this weeks post, The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes In Their Bedroom.

are electronics disrupting your sleep |

Are Electronics Disrupting Your Sleep?

Luckily, this is decorating and not brain surgery, so there are always beautiful solutions and quick fixes to create a pretty room. With that said, many of my clients suffer from insomnia. There are so many external components interrupting our precious sleep, and more often than not, it comes down to the electronics and clutter in our space.

As much as people want to argue against science, the phone, iPad, computer – even the alarm clock are emitting what is known as an EMF (electromagnetic field) reading into your seemingly peaceful room. Sine we are energetic beings these devices disrupt our systems, preventing sleep. Combine that with a messy room, and too much clutter, and you’ll have a lot of sleepless nights ahead of you. SO what can you do? Here are some great articles to get you seeing the ZZZZZ’s.

And don’t forget, taking even five minutes to reflect on the day and catch your thoughts is a great way to train your brain to wind down. Nothing like a nightly routine to tell your brain it’s sleepy time!

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