Today I have on Stephanie Seferian from Mama Minimalist. According to Stephanie, “When it comes to living an eco-friendly life I think we can quickly get in our own way. I don’t have time, it’s not convenient, I don’t know how.” But what if doing one thing could change everything? Because it can! 

 In my new book Eco Everyday Habits to be More Eco-friendly, I share over 200 ways for you to get eco in super easy ways – but what if you have kids? How the hell does that work? Bring in Stephanie the mom of all moms that’s made it happen and has a helpful blog and website to show you how you can do it too! Today Stephanie and I will talk about how she eased her way into a more sustainable life even with kids, what sustainability vs eco-friendly even means and what are the worst habits people have that could immediately and easily be changed to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle today!

 Feng Shui 101

Being eco friendly is a practice.

Green and eco friendly – doing something that isn’t harmful to the planet.

Sustainable – doesn’t compromise the future of the planet.

Carbon footprint

You will save money by being more eco friendly.

Flip and Tumble produce bags

Lack of time and need for convenience are the reason most people aren’t eco friendly.

Good place to start – get rid of paper towels in favor of rags; use a handkerchief instead of tissues; use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins; stop buying stuff that is individually wrapped – divide into snack pack portions at home.

Zero waste – Bea Johnson

Buy used instead of new.

Can I reuse or donate this item instead of throwing it away?

n I perform a simple swap in my life that will help the planet and not be painful to me?

Be intentional in your buying; don’t waste energy unnecessarily; don’t rely on disposable items.


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Easy Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly