Living a waste-free life is the ideal situation for our planet, but making the changes to a sustainable way of life can be a bit overwhelming. Okay, okay… it can be very overwhelming. The great thing about living green lifestyle is that you can ease into it. You can ease into it by taking baby steps and as you keep slowly adding more new habits it adds up to a big difference. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you rocking that sustainable living lifestyle!

– Ditch plastic bags. Use reusable produce bags, and canvas shoppers wherever you go.

– Make homemade products like cleaners, shampoos, deodorant, bath salts and lotions. Cleaners are filled with toxins that harm your family, pets and the water ways. Buy bulk baking soda and vinegar. It cleans better, is safer on you and the environment and costs hundreds less. I can usually get 18 months out of one large baking soda bag.

– Get rid of air fresheners. They are highly, highly toxic, and have been banned in most European countries. Opt for a more natural option.

– Buy used furniture. If it’s vintage or antique, even better. It’s made better and you have an excellent idea of how it will hold up.

– Use paper bags over trash bags. Those kitchen trash bags and large contractor bags sit in landfills for years and harm our environment. Instead opt for kitchen and yard bags made of post consumer paper.

– Make your own dryer sheets. You can go to home depot and buy a huge bag of shop rags for about 10 bucks. Pick up some essential oils and douse the rags. Throw in with laundry and voila, homemade dryer sheets. You can also douse in lemons.

– Buy second hand dishes. Over the past five years I have purchased some of the most kick ass platters, plates, bowls, cups and baking dishes from thrift stores. One of my most favorite pitchers is from my local thrift store. And the best part, most of it is less than 5 bucks.


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