I’ve been an advocate for sustainability for many years now but I still get emails every day from people totally overwhelmed by it all. If you have read this blog for any length of time, or if you are new here, just know that small changes create huge impacts. We are harming our planet at an alarming rate so it is important to take action, no matter how small you think it is.

Flip & Tumbles Produce Bags

My team and I are constantly on the look out for killer ways to take action, that are also simple! We all have busy lives, and hectic schedules, so don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture. Focus on the small wins to get you pumped to do more. One of my favorite books is the The Imperfect Environmentalist, by Sara Gilbert. I mention it in almost every post, I know. But so many of my readers think it is an all or nothing game – that you’re either a hippie or you’re not. Well I’m here to tell you, you can save Mama Earth and avoid hugging trees, (although I highly recommend it,) with this one simple tip.

The Easiest Way To Reduce Landfill Waste

About a year ago I realized that I was using way too much plastic. I was using my canvas grocery bag when I shopped, but I was still making poor choices when it came to plastic. I was shocked to learn that on average, I was using 10 plastic produce bags every week for my grocery shopping. 10! In a month that was 40 plastic bags that eventually went into landfills. And despite me reusing those bags for various things around the house, they still ended up in the trash. So I decided to do something.

It wasn’t long until I found flip and tumbles reusable produce bags. They have kick ass colors attached so you can easily catalog fruits and veggies based on color or just throw them in as you like. When you get home you simply rinse them out and set them aside for your next shopping trip.

flip and tumble gates interior design


Within six months I saved over 100 hundred plastic bags from entering into our landfills – and that’s not even the best part. I gave my mom and two other friends a set of their own bags. Now we are saving a combined 160 bags each month from going into landfills. That’s almost 2,000 bags a year!

  • If you think you alone can’t make a difference
  • It’s too hard to be sustainable
  • You don’t know where to start
  • I’m so forgetful it won’t matter
  • The idea of hugging a tree is just weird

Think again!

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Even if you forget your flip and tumble bags 50% of the time, you’re still preventing on average, 20 bags a month from entering into landfills. So let’s take this challenge by the grapefruits, and start making some small changes in helping Mama Earth! Want to? Let’s do this!